My good buddy Jeff finally got on the property owner bus with his purchase of a 1950's home
in the Cedar Hills area. On this night, he had us over to celebrate the new purchase. Before
the party though, a few of us ran the Starlight Run for the Portland Rose Festival.

Starlight Run 2005

The Starlight Run is a short 5 k fun run to mark the beginning of the Rose Festival. For some reason
people dress up for this run, and we were no exception. I took this picture though for my sister
Renee: "Just keep swimming."

Keri (now Gorman) getting prepared for the Starlight Run by marking herself up with chalk.

Heidi Smith (Luke's wife). Don't worry dude, that's not MY handprint! :)

Heidi and Erin Gentry ready for the big race.

I just about peed myself when I saw these two clowns roll up. "I just want my chapstick! Unnghh!"

Luke and Chris Gorman trying to sort out which end of the rope to use.

A subset of the Rock Squad, ready for the Starlight Parade. Did I mention that the race goes right
down the parade route prior to the parade so there are multiple thousands of people watching the race?
From left to right, Paul Perrault, Keri Gorman, a math teacher from Nike, Ross Segelken (nice smile Ross),
Erin Gentry, Heidi and Luke Smith, this guy from Nike, and the always-stylish Chris Gorman.

The housewarming

Jeff and Lisa's new home is a really nice bungalow with one of the best basements I've seen in
Portland. The basement is Lisa's studio, as well as having a great dance floor and a well-stocked
bar. This is the lovely Mrs Deb Disko and I exchanging pleasantries over martinis.

This is Matt Spohn and Jordan Disko. I don't know what they're doing. Don't ask.

In one of the best party moves of the century, Jeff and Lisa let their party-goers go nuts with
markers in their basement spare room since they're planning on painting anyway. It swiftly got out
of hand. I don't remember who did the spoon.

Jordan christened us all "The Rock Squad". I like the almost-misspelled crayon.

Again, I don't remember who did this one.

Paul Dehaan found a mask and made it his own. In my sister Renee's words, he owned it.

Who is hotter? Right or left?

Here you can see the really nice hardwood that Jeff and Lisa have in their basement. Luke Smith
is showing Erin Gentry how to dance. Luke is actually a very accomplished ballroom dancer and that's
how he and his wife Heidi met.

This is Lisa, Jeff's fiancee. I'm going to put words in her mouth here to match her expression:
Lisa to herself : "Well, well, your fiance is hammered. AGAIN. I wish he'd learn about those stupid
Fire and Ice shooters. No one wins! Especially not me!"

The always-cool cat Jordan Disko.

A view into the "personalized" room. As can be imagined, the party moved into here pretty quickly.

I call this one: "Amanda Hoffus staring into space"

Earlier in the evening, the Stoneys crew had run the Starlight Run for the Portland Rose Festival
completely tied together with ropes and harnesses. This is Allison Vaneerden stretching it out
(since she hadn't run at all).

Ross is going to get mad at me over this one, but this is a great mug shot of Ross.
Newscaster: "Just released from prison for assault and battery on cats, Ross Segelken is loose in
your area tonight. Please be on your guard and watch out if you play ultimate frisbee.

This one might be marginally better, but only slightly. Note the addition I have made to the
picture for illustrative purposes. Watch out for that line Ross... :) I know, I know,
with friends like these...

There's actually a really excellent video from this night, but to protect the innocent, I'll hold onto it.
Let me know if you want a copy. Return to picture index