These are mostly water camera shots from the event itself. There are also some pics
on a few other sites, for which I've attached links.


This boat was called the Trouser Pirates and consisted of Larry Wickstrom (captain), Marty, Jody,
Amy, Lissa Birou, Kelli Caldwell, and the infamous King of the Deschutes - Ross Segelken.

My boat (called Team Johnsonville) consisted of myself (Paul Perrault),
"neighbour" Nate West, "roommate" Tim Day, Brad Byington,
and the trip party machine, Bill "finds chips in his pockets" Righter.

The Booty Snatchers consisted of Keri Gorman (captain), Chris Gorman, Renee Perrault, Natalia Lynn,
Paul Dehaan, and Allison Vaneerden. They definitely had the coolest costumes.

Boat "Soggy Bottoms" or Team Puke Shorts (as we called them) was Juan Rodriguez (boat captain), Cynthia,
Saul, Willy, Intern Meghan, Carl Marshall, and June Thanasophon.

Jason and Avie captained their own inflatable raft and joined in the debauchery as well.
Nice titanium ring Jason!

My water camera

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My roommate, Tim Day, joined in the fun and was the killer in my boat.

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A sweet shot of Bill and Nate floating down the river.

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Our man B-Rad. Apparently, one of Tim's interns saw this shot and said, "Wow, that guy is HOT!
Can I get his number?" Nice job Brad!

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Jason and Avie getting ready to storm down the river.

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Thankfully, the day started out overcast, so we had a slight break from the heat. This is Keri's
boat, the Booty Snatchers.

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Apparently, Gorman drank too much iced tea the night before. To his credit, he held it throughout
the morning and finally lost it over lunch. I love how Keri seems totally happy about the whole thing!

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Juan, just loving the rafting.

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Natalia and Willy, just before we rode down the river in our life jackets.

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Possibly my favourite picture of Paul Dehaan, floating down the river.

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At the end of the trip, we hitched a ride back in Saul's truck so that we could get back to the car.

Tim's water camera

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Jason Stowers and Tim Day before getting on the river. Jason is actually the reason that I met
Tim since they were frat brothers in Illinois.

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Here's a wet shot of me.

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Juan's boat. You can see here a problem developing - Juan is half in the water... This wound up
costing his whole boat later in the day.

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The Rock Squad and friends for the 3rd annual Maupin rafting trip. We had a record number of
participants with 4 full rafts and an inflatable kayak.

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Tim and I chilling out after lunch.

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This shot gives a good idea of the topography of Maupin and the Deschutes river running through it.

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Almost all of team Johnsonville (missing Brad) plus Jason Stowers. This is at the pull out.
I think it was somewhere around 400 degrees F when we got off the river.

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This is the same shot as above, but from Tim's camera, and better cropped.

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This shot shows Team Johnsonville celebrating a successful kill.

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Natalia Lynn, enjoying another great rafting trip.

Here are Ross Segelken's shots - Check out the actual rafting action shots near the bottom of the
page. HERE

Our newest Squad member, Cynthia, also posted some pics on her flickr site HERE

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