These are some pictures from a day at the resort, skiing with Jason Stowers,
and his buddy Mackenzie on the fat board.

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Mack was on the fat board and showed us how to do it. He also showed us how to get to the
mountain early since we got the parking lot at 8 AM!!

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I'm wearing my glasses here since I have LASIK on Wednesday of the following week so I can't
be wearing the contacts. Also note the $9.63 Arcteryx Theta AR Goretex XCR shell. Yeah, that's
right, thank you REI Visa, one shovel, one pair of Merrill approach shoes, and one $450 shell for
a little under $10!

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This was the first day Jason skied this year but, to his credit, he did not let up. He ate a lot
of snow, like here in Heather Canyon, but he did well. How deep does that look? :)

Jason took a little bit of a digger here and explains himself VIDEO

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