Good times with friends in Oregon April 2004.

Here's a great picture of Chris Otz at my place playing poker.

This is Cammy of Stoneworks fame, at the gym for the Junior Climbing Comp

Juan Rodriguez after competing at the Stoneworks comp, April 2004.

In order to help celebrate Easter (and to come see Portland for the first time), Natalie came down
to Portland. Here she is volunteering as a judge at the Junior Climbing Comp at Stoneworks.

Paul Dehaan, belaying some young kids (for 4 hours straight...) for the comp.

Cammy and Eric. That's a great smile Eric.

To celebrate Easter, I had some of my crew over for a BBQ, and then we coloured Easter eggs. Laurie
was nice enough to both attend AND provide an excellent dessert seen below.

Laurie's excellent dessert.

I'm not entirely sure what Ha Nguyen is eating here, but those stickers that he's covered with came from
the Easter Egg Colouring kit.

From left to right, Jordan Disko, Erin Gentry, Juan Rodriguez, and Paul Dehaan out smoking cigars on my deck.

Deb Disko, Natalie, and Chris Otz colouring eggs. Chris has to work on being more photogenic, both here and...


As Natalie and I toured Portland, she re-introduced me to my city through the eyes of an architect. Here
is an excellent example of a post-modern style building in Portland designed by Michael Graves in 1980.
This is the Portland building and that 36 foot statue is called Portlandia.

Natalie managed to find the only flowers in bloom in the Rose Garden in early April.

Here is an excellent example of the prim and proper attitudes of Southwestern Ontario architecture students.
Picture taken in the Columbia River Gorge.

A little better picture of that same prim and proper lady.

Natalie and I in the Gorge.

The Multnomah Falls from the old bridge above the first set of falls.

Smith Rocks with Saul 17 April

This is Saul's first lead climb at Smith Rocks, and he chose a nice 5.10a route
called Dances with Clams . Saul successfully climbed this with a small take.

Saul successfully missing the end of the rope and denying himself a 6 pack.

Saul being a hero at the Red Wall of Smith Rocks.

Yours truly enjoying a great day of climbing at Smith.

Portland Race for the Roses

Laurie Hotovy, after finishing her first half-marathon. The race was the Race for the Roses
and was centred around downtown Portland. Laurie finished in 2 hours and a few seconds.

Laurie and I with our medals after the race. I finished in 1 hour 45 minutes, which was exactly
where I was targeting. That means 8 minute miles for a half-marathon! Yay team!

Here is Laurie with her mom, Mary-Beth, who walked the 5 km section of the race.

My race results from the April 18, 2004 in Portland.

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