Here's some shots from a short cross country skiing day at Teacup Lake with Jeff Hemphill
and Lisa Conley, Jan 2006.

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Here's a nice view of the snow and the trails at Teacup Lake, OR. It's just past Mount Hood
Meadows Ski Resort, making it about 2 hours from Portland.

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Here's Jeff making mad speed up the hill with Lisa coming quickly behind him.

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This was only Lisa's second day and she did quite well, falling less than Jeff did. Granted,
one of Jeff's falls was me pushing him in the snow, but that's not the point.

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We did one of the big loops and then went into the new day use cabin to warm up (sweet cabin!). Then
we went back out and went down Screamer Hill. This is Lisa, having made it down the hill without

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Jeff claims that an old women made him fall, but I know the truth.

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Here are the three of us enjoying the great mild weather.

Jeff asked me to post these other pictures, which may or may not have come from the same

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Jeff tells me that I'm a hot unit in this picture.

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Lisa didn't really like staying in the tracks. She picked up on skate skiing a lot faster
than most and put it to good use.

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This is definitely not Screamer Hill, but it's a small jaunt off the main track
that we did a couple of times so that Jeff would be able to leave a winner
(he got beat up by the hill the first time).

Teacup Lake is an excellent place to ski. More information on the area, how to get there, the
trail map, and how to donate to the non-profit that runs the area is here: LINK

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