Every year in August for the tenure of my engineering days thus far, I have taken a hiking trip into the Canadian Rocky Mountains. This year was no different. Chad Sivertson, Lindsey H, Levi Goertz, Amanda Gerbrandt, and Ian MacLaurin accompanied me this year as we travelled from Kananaskis Country, AB to Mount Assiniboine Prov. Park in BC.

This is me posing at the foot of Mount Cautley in Banff National Park. We stayed at McBride's Camp campground behind the photographer. August 2001

This is Levi Goertz adjusting his water bottle on Day 2. Levi provided a constant source of entertainment throughout the entire trip. Ahh, good old Levos, Prussia's greatest lover!

Our intrepid hikers taking a break on Day 2. Yes, that's Levi flashing the pink belly.

At the top of Assiniboine Pass. A long trudge through subalpine meadow and a stiff climb to the pass was rewarded with beautiful views of Mount Assiniboine.

Coming down from Assiniboine Pass, Chad and Lindsey pose for a picture, with Mount Assiniboine visible in the background.

Sometimes on the hard trail, it can seem like a long trip home. However, a nice smile (such as that provided by Ms. H) often makes it all seem okay.

In a long series of great humping pictures, this is me humping the Hoodoos in Banff townsite. Maybe I should have had a harness... maybe not.

These are an unmarked set of falls that we found on the way up to Wonder Pass in Mount Assiniboine Prov. Park, BC.

This is Mandy Joy looking back the way we came. Mount Assiniboine Park is visible in front of her.

After we got back from hiking, we stopped in at Banff Upper Hot Springs. Levi and Ian thought it would be a good idea to be "historic", so they wore historic swim suits at the reasonable price of $1.50 each. I think I saw Ian wearing his at the Flats last week...

Ian insisted on scrambling down to get this picture.

Ian and I posing on a rock coming down from the Wonder Pass.

This is my MEC Tarn 3. I love it. Here it is repelling frigid rain at about 2 degrees Celsius.

Always the most flexible anywhere, this is Chad showing us why the ladies call him "Bum Boy".

One of the better pictures I've taken, behind Chad you can see Lake Gloria on the right and Lake Terrapin on the left.

Yummy!! These are what hikers' feet look like. At the end of the trail, Sept. 2001

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