Since the weather went sideways on us this weekend, my plans of climbing Bonanza
didn't happen. Instead, we took a drive to Drumheller and rode the Dinosaur trail
and the Hoodoo Trail.

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One of the cool parts of cycling the Dinosaur trail is the very short ferry crossing at the north end
of the route to get across the Red Deer river. With two more ferries, they'd have a bridge!
Here's my bike on the shortest ferry ride I've taken (about 2 minutes).

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This is literally the view to the other side. Pretty funny.

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Here's Lawrence with his bike on the Bleriot ferry.

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Lawrence and his girlfriend Kim crossing the Bleriot ferry. I likely wouldn't have driven the 90 minutes
out to Drumheller had they not joined me. Thanks for coming along guys!

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Here I am almost crossed the ferry. One other note about the ferry was the well-placed ice cream and pop
vendor hanging out by her parents' house. I had a yummy Revello and Kim had a fudgsicle.

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Kim and Lawrence enjoying their ride along the north Dinosaur Trail with the badlands and the south
Dinosaur Trail in view behind them. What you can't see here is the savage headwind we battled for ~50km.
Boo-urns on that!

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After enjoying the 92 km ride (~450 m elevation gain) in 3 hr 20 mins, we stopped at a local restaurant
called Bernie and the Boys Bistro. I give this burger a solid 9/10 for deliciousness. The poutine
actually had cheese curds as well, which was nice. This is homemade mushroom sauce leaking out of
my burger. Here's a review of the restaurant HERE .

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