While Boston is not one of my favourite places in the world to live, it's always a fun place to visit,
particularly when Brad, Jeff, and Steph are in town.

First of all, this sign epitomizes Boston to me. It's the place that fun forgot. The bars close too early and
the hotels are REALLY quiet. So much so that you can't sing in the shower.

Close up of the "No loud singing in the shower".

Brad and Jeff met me for drinks when I landed in Boston. This is Brad and Jeff's friend Jenny at a
pub in Somerville.

My friend Marie Brophy also met me in Boston. She's in school in Connecticut and came in to Boston
to hang out. Here she is in front of the Harvard library.

This is one of the residences at Harvard. I think the name is great.

The Harvard Stadium is in Brighton, MA. I've always really liked this
building modeled after the Coliseum in Rome.

The inside of Harvard Stadium. I was on campus going for a run and seeing my friend Jeff "Stainless" Stanley
competing in his swim meet at the Harvard pool.

Here's Jeff just getting out of the water.

Everyone else that swims (except that old weird guy) shaves themselves completely. Not Jeff. He's also the
guy who people ask, "Are you even swimming today?", since he's typically in jeans and street clothes chilling out
until 5 minutes before his event.

Here's Jeff getting ready for the 100 m fly.

Jeff off the blocks.

The results from the heat. Jeff's dad said that he thought Jeff might have mistook the 100 yard for a
50 yard event since he hammered out of the starting blocks and slowed down at the end. I think his pace
was fine; he just needs to practice more than once a year! :)

Dave, I'm not sure what Steph was saying here, but I thought it was funny. This is at the Sligo
Pub in Davis Square, the best little dive bar ever. That's the always entertaining Paul Bear with Steph.

Jeff and I at the Sligo.

So, as it turns out, the whole "thumbs up" thing is really catching on. Or, alternatively,
all of my friends think it's funny and just join in. A third alternative is that they think it's
stupid and are mocking me, but I can't imagine that.

Brad, Paul Bear, Steph, and I enjoying a friendly pint at the Sligo.

Paul Bear, once again showing off the skills that will land him a bride someday.

The kids and I.

Now Dave, before you get defensive, I don't think I took this picture. I think Steph did.

The kids at the Sligo.

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