Photos and video from the 4th Annual Gingerbread Contest

Gingerbread Party 2010

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Once again this year we hosted a wonderful crew of gingerbread builders to our home. Here are Jeanna
and my cousin Leanne getting a strong start.

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Mel and Matt brought their bundle of joy (Owen) to join the party this year.

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Erin and Chad have a beautiful start on their log cabin this year.

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Kirk and Jen brought Keira and Justin over for the party as well.

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Here are Matt and Mel making good progress on the wrestling ring.

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Erin and Chad are coming along well. Chad looks like he's been smoking a hookah though...

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Kirk and his kids got a little bit into the icing sugar. Kirk is licking the sugar that his son
kept pumping into his mouth. Justin ate so much sugar actually that his hands were BRIGHT red due to
him licking the red sugar and grabbing it with his hands.

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Jeanna and Leanne made some great green trees.

Video of Jeanna and Leanne's penguin gingerbread house

Video of Erin and Chad's log cabin

Video of Mel and Matt's wrestling ring

Video of Kirk and Jen's gingerbread house

Video of Natalia and I's gingerbread hockey rink

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