Here are some fun photos from New Year's Eve 2010

Skiing at Sunshine with Julio and Maria

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It wasn't a really warm start to the day (I think the weather said -33 deg C with the
wind chill) but we wanted to get out and enjoy the snow. Here is Natalia with her
good-looking new skis and a coffee to start the day.

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Even though it was cold, it was very clear. Here is Julio Barrios with a great look at
Mount Assiniboine.

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Another shot looking north from the Continental Divide.

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Julio and Natalia riding the gondola back up to the village for our long ski out.

Partying with Kirk and Jen

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Our friends Kirk and Jen had us over for a sweet fondue for dinner. Despite Natalia's almost
broken toe, we still made it out. Here, Kirk and Jen's kids and their friends' kids put on a
dance party for us.

Video of the dance party

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Justin is honking on a noise maker.

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Kirk and his buddy have something to share.

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