These are some photos from my birthday and from hiking around Lake Louise with Carl and

My 30th birthday

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Natalia asked me what kind of cake I wanted. I chose a Reese's Pieces cake, which was awesome.
The only thing was that Dairy Queen doesn't carry Reese's Pieces, so it had to come from Marble

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Here's my cake.

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Natalia and I posing for a photo with the Happy Birthday banner that my mom sent me.

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A fun pirate card and some sweet presents from my wife.

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A GREAT photo of Kelly Reitenbach.

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Kurt telling me some kind of secret.

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Guys always get each other presents that fit. Kudos to Kelly and to Kurt for the great presents.

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Here are Natalia's pies that she made enroute to Thanksgiving in Swift Current. Check out the
detail on the leaves in the pies.

Thanksgiving in Swift Current, SK

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For the second year, my brother Denis hosted a Thanksgiving Workbee to get his garage sided.
Natalia has on her tool belt that Denis gave her at the wedding as well as her safety glasses.

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Natalia and I had the job of putting together the shed. It was adult Lego for sure but it went
up quite quickly.

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Here Natalia holds the rafters up while I take a photo.

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Natalia had never been to a casino, so we stopped in at the Moose Jaw Casino while we were
visiting the spa.

Here is the reason that the shed went up so quickly - Natalia is holding the instructions!

Here is Denis' unsided garage. It was a good thing that my uncle Rick showed up as I think
the job got done a little nicer than it would have otherwise.

My dad had the job of sealing in the deck.

Denis was running for city council, so we all got T-shirts of Denis' campaign. Denis treated
us also to a Broncos game in the box.

Here is Danielle and Dalen along with my uncle Rick and Aunty Colette.

Justin and Renee, Denis, and Natalia and I in the box suite.

Denis and Leah in their election garb.

My aunty Colette and cousin Kali at the Broncos game.

Denis and my mom at the game.

Here's the big wheel in Swift Current. He wound up winning his election and is now a
city councillor in Swift Current, SK. First the city, next the world!
"What are we doing today Brain?" "The same thing we do every day Pinky. Try to
take over the world!"

Touring in Lake Louise with Carl and Julio

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Natalia's dad Carl and her sister's boyfriend Julio and I took a short tour out to Lake Louise
for a little wander. This was the first time that Carl had visited Lake Louise in quite some time.

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A better close up of the boys and the lake.

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My father-in-law and I at Lake Louise, 25 Oct 2009.

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The mountain men at Lake Louise, AB. We had a nice tourist take this for us.

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We went for a wander up to Fairview Lookout along the side of Fairview mountain. This look down
onto Lake Louise and the Chateau. There was a little bit of snow on the trails, but overall,
it was a good late season hike.

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Carl and I up at Fairview.

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Julio and I at Fairview Lookout.

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We took a little troll around the lake as well so that I could show the guys the Ice falls and where
we rock climb in the summer time. The ice was just about totally in.

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When we went back to Banff to pick up Maria, we saw this elk grazing in the Banff Springs
hotel baseball fields.

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