So, I wouldn't say that backcountry skiing is Natalia's first choice of outdoor activities
but in a moment of weakness, I convinced her to come for an afternoon tour at Crowfoot Glades.
It turns out that the snow was a little too firm by the end of the day and it was more challenging
than expected, but we got some exercise and enjoyed the fine weather.

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Here's Natalia making her way along the trail into Crowfoot Glades.

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A much better shot showing the Crowfoot Glacier and Crowfoot Mountain. Our destination is the small
glades slopes on the far left of this photo.

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Here's Natalia skinning across the south end of Bow Lake.

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One of the fun things about ski touring is putting in an uptrack to get wherever you think you
need to be. The absence of trails can sometimes offer the true 'Freedom of the Hills'. Natalia
wasn't pleased with my choices though.

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Natalia and I did a single lap since we started so late in the day, but that was enough to know that
afternoon snow at Crowfoot in spring season wasn't the best on this day.

Video of Natalia descending

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Here's Natalia killing some turns towards the bottom of the slope. While it was challenging skiing,
Natalia managed her way down without divorcing me.

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The reason we were out in this part of the world was mostly to look at skis at Lake Louise. It
turns out that the Rossi S3 women's are a great ski, but a little too moody. We then made our way
back to Canmore where Donni and Karl graciously shared their suite. Here's the view above the DQ in Canmore
on Easter Saturday.

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We took Donni and Karl for a stroll to Banff and wandered around Lake Minnewanka. Here are Donni and Nati
enjoying the sunshine.

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It's clearly a little too bright to not be wearing shades as Donni and Karl pose for me.

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