Over Christmas, I elected to drive all the way home to visit with my friends and family.
This was partially due to a desire to bring my piano to Portland, and partly in order to visit
other parts of Canada on the way home.

This is my baby sister Danielle. She is in school at Lethbridge College working on her
Criminal Justice stuff.

When I was in Saskatoon, I was complaining about not having had a birthday cake in a few years
(with credit to Shawna for the pie this year). As a consequence, even though 3 months late,
my wonderful mother got me an ice cream log.

No kidding, this cat actually jumped THIS high!! This is J'neen Surgic's cat and I was over
visiting with my friend Mandy Jensen from the crazy US.

Shaun McLeod and his beautiful wife Krissy with their new daughter Abigail Catherine at
the good ol' BP's.

This is something I never thought I'd see: Erik Olson holding a baby and quite happy about
doing so. Even baby Gracelyn Deutscher seems happy to have Erik there. Gracey was about 6
months old here.

Possibly the proudest father I've ever seen, Benny is showing off the love of his life.

Gracey is wearing her Christmas present from uncle Paul (nice pick Renee. I knew it would fit!)

Christmas morning and the first time my brother Denis didn't wake us all up at 6am.

Danielle is showing off a beautiful picture of her godparents, my Aunty Paulette and my Uncle Dan.

Danielle seems enthralled about her present from her brother, The Art of Yoga

My sister Renee shows off her present from her brother Paul, an Indian cookbook.

Who wouldn't want a history of Hockey Night in Canada? Here is my dad receiving his copy.

My sister-in-law Leah Perrault flashing a brilliant smile and happy she got Cranium for Christmas.
Thanks for the idea Mom!

My brother Denis has a bit of a history with the movie ET . When we were living in
Prince Albert a few years back, Denis saw ET and began having nightmares that ET was living
in his bedroom closet. As a joke, my mom bought him the ET DVD. Here he shows his happiness
at having received it.

Denis got a leather briefcase from my parents and a Heritage Classic souvenir program from me.

Christmas at my Aunty Eileen's is one of the highlights of Christmas for me.

Renee is celebrating her successful jelly bean guess to win the jar from my aunty Judy. To Renee's right
is my aunty Marlene.

My cousin Vicky with her mom, my aunty Deb Banda.

My uncle Ralph and his partner Lil.

Danielle and my buddy Erik, classy as always. Nice gum Danielle.

My always gracious aunty Eileen (her Christmas party) and her brother, my uncle Gord.

My little cousin Kenny is going to be an engineer or a scientist for sure! Here, he and I made some
rubber using a kit he got for Christmas. Great safety goggles Kenny! Safety first!

Down in Ponteix, SK

Here is my grandma Perrault looking healthy and happy in her home in Ponteix, SK.

This is what happens when you go outside in cold Saskatchewan with glasses on: they fog up.

My cousin Kali lives in Medicine Hat, and this is her posing with my sister Renee on the couch at my
Grandma's house in Ponteix.

This is a better picture of Kali Michaluk.

I hope I have half the youthfulness of my grandma P when I'm her age. This is us with her wearing
my new toque.

In Ponteix, my uncle Rick, my dad, Kali, and I went skating at the Memorial Rink.

Kali and her dad skating around.

Kali is doing what every Canadian kid does to learn to skate, the old Push-the-Chair-Around-the-Ice game.
Way to wear a helmet Kali!

My Aunty Colette, Uncle Rick, Kali, and my Grandma Perrault at my Grandma's house in Ponteix, SK.

This is Gloria, my truck, prior to turning 50,000km. Taken on the highway outside Maple Creek, SK.
Look Mom, I'm not even speeding!

This is Gloria, after turning 50,000 km. Apologies for the furry picture, but you can try taking
pictures while trying to stay on the road driving 100 km/h.

We are trying to see how many young women I can take pictures of with Kelly Reitenbach while skiing.
The beautiful and always charming young lady in question is Miss Adrian Gamelin.

Kelly and I at Fortress Mountain, AB in K country. This was the first day I had skied with
a helmet. It would prove to be a great investment.

Here is my crazy friend Paula Kiss. She's probably been deported from more
countries than I've been to so far. This is at her friends house in Cranbrook, BC.

This is Paula and I at Fernie, BC. I think the morning started at -23 deg Celsius. While not a
warm day, the snow was just great.

This is Sparky and I at Red Mountain, BC. Another cold, but crisp ski day. This great resort lies just inside
the Canadian border in the Kootenays of BC and has some of the best out of bounds tree skiing I've ever skied.
Incidentally, this is probably the last picture I have of that side of Gloria prior to "the accident".

Laurie Hotovy. I invited myself over to Avie and Laurie's to spend Portland's first snow day in a long time.
It turns out that Portland was to get 4 days where the city was pretty much shut down.

Laurie's roommate Avie Meadows enjoys the snow in Portland while making a snow angel.

Avie's snow angel.

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