To celebrate our friends Erin and Chris's decision to get hitched, we decided to have a
toaster-off and send all of our decorated gifts to the Otzengentries to wish them well.
This is the contest and the evening.

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I nominated Allison (in red), and Amanda to be our judges for the event. Here is Allison getting
ready to start trying toast.

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Paul Dehaan was so excited with his "double-long" toaster that he wanted to toast English muffins with
it instead.

Video clip of Paul introducing the wonders of his new toaster. VIDEO

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Mr Chris Gorman was one of the contributors to the Great Toaster-Off.

Video clip of Chris Gorman introducing his Proctor-Silex. VIDEO

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Luke Smith also brought a toaster, which right from the get-go was not in great shape, even though
it came in a brand new box.

Video of Luke holding his toaster "just so". VIDEO

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A nice shot of me with my Toastmaster. It probably makes sense to discuss why I decided to host
the Great Toaster Off. So, our friends Erin and Chris moved away and decided to get married. Now,
our friend Erin had at one point in Portland gotten into quite a tizzy over wedding presents and why
anyone would EVER give someone a kitchen appliance! So, we thought it fitting that to celebrate their
marriage, we would host a contest to find the absolute worst toaster and send it to them. After all,
it's the thought that counts!

Video of me discussing the merits of my toaster entry VIDEO

Video of Luke explaining how he got busted by retoasting VIDEO

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Our lovely judges using their discretion.

Video of Chris attaching a full beer to one of the toasters. Paul D wound up putting
some sweet racing stripes along the side of this one too. VIDEO

Video of the Award Ceremony. Thanks to all of the participants and our judges VIDEO

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Allison and Amanda giving the Rock Squad "Chris Otz Memorial Cup" to Luke for his and Heidi's excellent
shitty toaster. That's Heidi in the back with Chris Gorman's sexy bald head too. You can see the
"inscription" on the side showing what the Cup has been given for. I thought it would be good to have
a trophy for the group that we could give to each other for fun occasions. The subtitle on the Cup reads
"To be presented occasionally for memorable events" and then for each event, the winner gets to put their
name and the purpose and location for the trophy awarding. Here's hoping the tradition continues
with the Smiths giving the trophy to someone for a reason they decide.

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Great shot of Luke displaying the Cup in all of its glory. In honour of the Stanley Cup, I bought it at
a small silversmiths shop in London and brought it back explicitly for the purpose. I felt like I was
a Governor General or something. Actually, it came from Value Village and it took a lot of cleaning to
get it that shiny.

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Luke and I with the Cup.

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Jordan Disko with my 3rd place toaster. I didn't mean the contest to turn into a beauty pageant,
but Heidi brought out the paints and it got a little crazy.

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The winners with their toaster. I love the rubber ducky along the side.

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Luke, Heidi, and Jordan displaying the winningest toasters ever! Happy Wedding to Chris and Erin
from all of us!

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