I always enjoy the opportunity to climb with Tony Holmes, and this was no exception.
We got out to French's for some bouldering and also to check out the crags at Ski Bowl.

I didn't take any shots at French's since it was a little rainy. Once we got too rained out,
we took a drive down 26 to Ski Bowl. We parked at the lot and headed to the right of the
chair lifts. Following the trail called Fire Hydrant, the Cliffs appeared to the right of
us. This is Tony checking out the rock.

Having not brought rope or gear with us, we elected to just boulder a little. This is Tony
on a cool traverse he made.

More moves in the traverse.

The finish to the traverse.

My turn.

Stuck in the middle, taking a breather. Even though the ground was mostly soft, I still hate
falling so I try not to do any of it.

Tony doing a cool variation on the start of the same route. I call it Tony's Tiger Traverse

To the right of Tiger Traverse was a neat looking block that didn't have a lot of good rock to play with.
Tony decided to top it out.

Tony, making a "hope" move, hoping that there will be a better hold above him.

Nice top out!

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