Since I'm always jonesing for early turns, I figured I'd do some exploring and see what my options
are in our new community of Cochrane. The big hill is one spot I've looked at for a few years but
it seldom seemed like it had enough snow. It still didn't have enough snow, but it was worth some
exploring anyway.

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Natalia got up this morning and had it in her head to make a really awesome egg dish (I call it 'magic
egg rolls') along with a homemade pear cinnamon rolls. Yummy! Maria and Susi came down to see our new
house and to visit with Donni and Nati.

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I parked on the Gleneagles turnoff, and started hiking up towards the top of the hill. This is my
destination where the TV and cell phone towers are.

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There are houses on the right side of this slope and I debated skiing here, but there was even more
brush and shrubs on these slopes so I trended to the left of this photo.

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Here you get an idea of the aggressive shrubbery. For future skiing here, I'd encourage access via
the uphill road near the cell towers rather than from hwy 1A.

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More shrubbery. Yeah, I might need to do some ski tuning after this day. I followed a bit of
a game trail through these trees and then cut around where it thinned out. I also saw what looked
to be a few year old elk.

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This is really where the skiing started. It still needs more snow so it was more survival skiing.
However, it's a lot better than not skiing.

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Here's a look at the house, who I'm guessing owns this property. There was a dog barking pretty much
the whole time I was out.

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A look around from the top looking back at the house.

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Here's a look back down towards part of Cochrane.

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If you look closely, you can actually see turns in the snow!

Video of a look around the big hill

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This is looking from the top of the hill over to where our house is. I'm not sure you could access this
way though since there is quite a lot of spruce and pine trees here. More exploring I guess.

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A better shot with some turns in it. I got four laps in and exited down below the base of the hill, near
town. I then skinned back up to my car. Not bad for November 3rd!

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