My boys Erik Olson, Earl Kowalczyk, and Benny Deutscher drove down to Portland to come
visit me August 2003. Yes, the drive is 20 hours, yes, they did it all in one shot,
and yes, we had a GREAT time!

Notes: I'm going to try to limit the number of pictures of Erik peeing on this website,
but if you want some, I have a stupid number.

This is one of the gayest pictures of Erik I've ever seen. It makes me laugh every time I see it.

Me and the kids on route 26 to Mount Hood.

We managed to book a 4 person raft and took it down the Deschutes River. This picture
is prior to us getting in the river.

Benny and Earl before we got into the rough part of the river. Note that Earl still has his
sunglasses on.

Here we see Erik the brave right before he almost dropped the camera into the river.

Yours truly, working off a wicked hangover. Apparently, copious amounts of beer, followed by
something called Rumpelmints free poured by my local bartender Joel doesn't make for great mornings.

I'm not quite sure what to say about this picture. I think that Earl thought he was carrying a
martini glass or something.

Great picture of Ben just having a great time.

Earl decided that we weren't going fast enough, so he was going to get out and push.

Earl: "Okay, so I'll stay here and guard the cooler, and you just paddle like a maniac, okay?"
Erik: "Um, you want me to what?"

Of course, the trip wouldn't be complete without having someone fall into the river. Earl ACTUALLY
fell in, Erik is just screwing around.

Picture taken from the roof of Gloria showing the intrepid adventurers having made it out of the river
in one piece. Only casualties were Earl's sunglasses and a little bit of pride.

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