More pictures from the great Oregon trek of 2003.

Erik and I posing in the middle of the central Oregon drylands. If you thought southern Saskatchewan was
barren, this part of the world definitely comes up close.

Lava Butte National Volcanic Monument just south of Bend, Oregon.

Erik Olson, the stoic adventurer.

Earl, Benny, and Erik enjoying a great view on a beautiful day in the Newberry National
Volcanic Monument. Behind them you can see Broken Top, South Sister, and Mount Bachelor in the

Here, the four of us are looking out onto rows and rows of planted trees all around a big volcanic

This is right before Earl dropped a lava "bomb" on Erik. Of course, it's also right before
the lava "attacked" Earl and made him beg for mercy as well.

We went touring into a lava tube, which is a long cave hollowed out by hot lava, and subsequently
carved out by water.

Erik enjoying the dark.

Here's Benny climbing the cave walls. Don't worry Kris, we didn't let him get too out of hand!

Instead, that's what Erik and I did! This is a secondary portion of the cave that the boy and I
climbed into.

So, after crawling about 2 kilometres underground, we finally reached the end. As you can see
by my knees, it got a little cramped at times.

This seems like a fitting time to tell the Erik waterfall story. So, we're out exploring the great
volcanic craters of the Cascade ranges and decide to go see some cascading waterfalls (hence the name of
the range). Erik decides that the nicely paved trail isn't rugged enough for him, so he hops the
fence to "get a better look". Of course, that means he's going to get as close as possible, and
in this picture, we see him on the other side of the river jumping into the stream, right near
the big log.

And of course, being in a 100 foot waterfall right near the edge isn't nearly wild enough, so Erik decides
that the log he's standing beside needs to go over the edge. This is him trying to get a grip on about a
40 foot log.

And once the grip was had, Erik launched and shattered this log by tossing it over the edge. He quickly
scurried back to where we were waiting and we got in the truck and left. Man, did it ever make an AWESOME
crash though!

Only fitting, here's a shot of Erik at the base of the same falls we were just on top of.

Earl smiling in front of a full moon during the day.

I swear, I own more things than I'll ever know!

Of course, here is Erik and Earl trying to steal obsidian from the Big Obsidian Flow.

Yours truly facing Paulina Lake which has formed inside the Newberry Caldera in central Oregon.

The Four Musketeers with Paulina Lake behind us. I asked the guys, "Hey, do you want to hike up 2000 feet
to the summit of the caldera to see some cool views?" "Is there a road instead?" True mountaineers.

Good shot of Benny smiling and enjoying a great day in Oregon.

Here, Erik poses with the same backdrop. Even with ugly guys like us, it's pretty hard to
take bad pictures up there.

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