More pictures from the great Oregon trek of 2003.

Great shot of Crater Lake with Wizard Island visible in the centre. Naturally, the island
gets the PP stamp of approval.

Earl taking in the awe-inspiring view of the lake.

Benny pointing out at the island only moments before he mysteriously had his bowels damn near explode.
The only way to understand how sudden this was is to realize that Benny actually asked these strange people in
a motorhome if he could use their facilities. Of course, they told him they were "all full", so he had to
go for a hike in the bush. From 0-OHMYGOD in about 9 seconds.

My baby Gloria after being crushed by a US Park Ranger. So, she (it's always a she) is parked in front of me, and
decides that she needs to be going 40 mph in reverse RIGHT NOW! She then slams on the gas in reverse, smacks me
and I subsequently hit the little Hyundai full of Chinese people right behind me. The moral of the story is,
always listen to Erik, and always choose left.

This is possibly one of my favourite pictures. It shows the small island called Little Ship inside Crater Lake.

In the long standing tradition of me and large phallic symbol pictures, I present,
Big Tree and Me

Benny, Earl, and Erik admiring the view as we ascend Mount Scott.

Mount Scott is the highest point in the Crater Lake National Park. As we get higher, the
entire lake becomes visible. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Erik getting rowdy and throwing snowballs at me. Don't worry, he got his.

Erik at the summit of Mount Scott.

Me giving an appropriate salute to the only national park in Oregon.

Awww, isn't that cute! Little Earl is all tired from a long day!

Earl zipping a disc on a beach in California at sunset.

Erik and Benny being tree huggers to a huge redwood tree.

Yes, they really are that big!

This tree is about a 500 foot tall redwood tree.

As can be expected, this is Erik trying to chop one down with my splitting hatchet. He didn't get far.

The boys surrounded by a southern Oregonian redwood forest.

Erik and I on the Oregon Coast.

Erik at the Tillamook Cheese factory after having eaten a 3 scoop ice cream cone (and getting most of it
on himself and his shirt).

Benny and I at Mount Saint Helen's.

As a special treat, we got to see a baseball game in Seattle. It was the first MLB game for all three of
my guests.

We tried to convince Erik to hop over the wall and streak across the field, but he wouldn't do it. There's
just the matter of the $2000 fine and the two days in jail. We figured it would have spiced up his love life.

The Fearsome Foursome. At the end of a great trek, we are still smiling and having a great time.

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