Welcome to Danielle's Adventures in Portland.

These are Danielle's pictures from her trip to Portland.

The girls and I in my apartment in Portland. Danielle and Aimee arrived in Portland at 6 AM, after
driving through the night from Lethbridge, AB to celebrate American Thanksgiving with me.

For American thanksgiving this year, my good friend Paul Dehaan decided to host an amazing Thanksgiving bash at
his pad. He invited as many people as had no place to go and made some miraculous dishes. Seriously, he
watched the Food Network for, like, three weeks straight in anticipation of the event. Any day he couldn't
watch it, he got others to take notes. This year was going to be his finest showing ever! Here he is showing
some love.

Here are Paul's minted carrots. He tells me that normally, they're much better. I still thought they
rocked out, but that was just me.

Here is my baby sister Danielle. She's studying to be a police office in Lethbridge, AB.

After last year's epic Thanksgiving adventure at Avie's parents place, Ross is now a master at carving the
turkey. Here is is, cutting across the grain of Paul's turkey. Incidentally, this was the most delicate,
moistest (is that a word?) turkey I've ever had!

Here's Paul, spicing up and taking care of his gravy.

Everyone who attended Paul's event had to bring something for the team. Our friend Laurie's responsibility
was with the centrepiece. After much deliberation, this art piece is what she decided on. We were all
amazed and impressed. It beat the pants off Danielle, Aimee, and I's pineapple turkey (a la our mom)

Speaking of our centrepiece, here it is.

Here is the inside of Paul's turkey, totally stuffed with rosemary and other herbs. It tasted SOOOO good,
Paul felt compelled to call his mom and trash talk her turkey, saying that his turkey kicked ass on
her turkey.

Video clip of Paul discussing his turkey Clip

The spread.

Sadly, by the time we got to Multnomah falls, it was sort of dark. Here are the girls trying
to do their best impression of a Paul.

The girls and I decided to go skiing at Mount Hood for the day. I took them up to Timberline, but
on the way up, they were so excited by the view, we had to pull over and check it out.

Even though Danielle hadn't skied for awhile, she did very well at Timberline Lodge, OR. The
resort was lacking a little snow, but overall, it was a great day.

The girls, with the highest mountain in Oregon, Mount Hood, behind them.

Here is Danielle, showing off her amazing ability to stop.

Danielle's friend Aimee, hanging out.

The girls doing a little relaxin'.

Here they are posing up a storm.

Aimee, initiating a turn, near the base of the mile.

Danielle, working her snowplow for all it's worth.

So, the last run of the day, I took the cat to the top of the Palmer Glacier.
The chair lifts still had a lot of ice on the lines, so the cat was servicing this area.
I'm telling the cat that it gets the Paul Perrault stamp of approval.

The view down into the valley from the top of the Palmer Glacier.

This was the message I wanted to send to Danielle's loser ex-boyfriend to stop calling her.

I took the girls shopping in and around Portland. One of the stops we made was at the Patagonia
store in the Pearl district of Portland. This is Aimee riding an odd-looking dolphin at

Another place I took the girls was for Dim Sum at Fong Chong's, my favourite Dim Sum place in Portland.

Here they are trying to figure out chopsticks.

As a gag, I bet Aimee that she couldn't eat chicken feet. Of course, chicken feet are possibly one of the
vilest nutritional inventions known to man, but she didn't know that. We ordered a side of these and
Danielle just glared at it. Aimee took the plunge, checked them out, and them promptly realized that
they taste like ass.

Here is Aimee trying the old Charlie Chaplin trick.

Trying out the chicken feet.

Aimee with her mouth full of chicken feet.

Video clip of Aimee high-fiving the chicken Video clip
Video clip of Aimee sticking a chicken foot in her mouth Click here

I also took the ladies to the best gym on the planet, Stoneworks. Here they are, roping up.

Here is Danielle, getting ready to assault one of the steeper walls.

Here is Aimee about ready to really work the tough slope that is the Tsunami wall.

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