My housemate Jason Stowers convinced me to get out and try ice climbing and skiing on skins.
It turned out to be totally worthwhile.

We drove up along the north side of Hood and up to the base of the Elliot Glacier off the Timberline
trail. This is Jason getting his boots in order.

Avie got to try out her brand new green mountaineering boots on this expedition.

At the centre of the trouble on this trip was Jason's friend John. He's an interesting cat, but
he knows a good deal about alpine. Here he's showing off his appendage.

Well, my good buddy Dave Pryor gave me a pair of boots under the condition that I needed to actually use
them. So, I took them out on this trip and got a little use. This is right before we actually got onto
the trail.

See Dave, they actually got some mountain time! That's the north-east face of Hood along the Elliot Glacier.

Here is Avie rocking out.

A good view of the mountain itself.

This was the first trip where I actually got to try out some skins. The skis I rented were alpine touring
and they took a mountaineering binding. Jason rented me some skins, and voila, I was a climbing machine!
Jason and Avie are behind me huffing away on snowshoes. SADDLEBAGS!!

The kids after a bit of a climb.

Here is John, also on a set of AT skis.

Jason and Avie with Mount Adams in the background.

John, with the ridgeline of the Glacier visible to the left. You can sort of see the
ice lines we were hoping to check out on the left side. The blue of the glacier is nicely
visible on the right side of this shot.

Avie has a real problem with her hands freezing up whenever she's outside. What amazes me is
that no matter her physical state, her emotional state is always A-OK!

Some of the ice floes from a little closer up.

Another pic for Dave. This is at ~8500 feet up the side of Mount Hood.

We wound up not happy with the quality of the ice in the floe, so Jason and John ran a line
into this crevasse and we climbed out of it. This is Jason, fully splayed out.

This is another climber who happened to be up with us, and got a run on our rope. I got my
first attempt on ice after him, and got up on the first try. We then got to ski down in the
dark with our headlamps on. It rocked!

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