I had the luxury of being able to go home for Christmas this year. Here are some of my pictures.

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My sisters Danielle and Renee on Christmas eve opening presents.

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My brother Denis surprised us all with homemade ceramics this year. Here is Renee showing off her
new bling holder.

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My brother Denis and his wife Leah made it home for Christmas for the first time in 3 years. Here he
is wearing his new shirt from Corner Gas. Denis even seems to look like Brent Butt. You can judge for
yourself: BRENT BUTT .

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For New Year's, we took another tour to Candle Lake, Saskatchewan. This year, we had a mixed group
with my buddy Erik Olson making another appearance, Natalia and I, and my friend Jason Leuschen,
who brought a crew. Erik also invited his friend Aaron, who is seen here passed out nuzzling his dog.
Credit to Jason's brother for the cell phone picture.

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Here is some of the crew, Natalia, Jason Leuschen, Aaron's girlfriend Ainsley, and Jason's brother.
In Jason's words: "You'll have to make sure that Ainsley is invited to all future parties, though we
may need a government grant to afford the booze".

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My man Erik Olson can't seem to get away from the idea that kissing another guy's girl is alright.
I guess this happened on the "far reserve".

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My friends Matt and Nicole McNabb took the time to join Natalia and I for a coffee in Prince Albert, SK.
They were giving me a hard time that I had only one picture of them on my site, so here's another.
I'm looking forward to hosting them this summer in Portland.

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I got Natalia some skates this year and she's busily turning herself into a pretty serious skater.
This is in Edmonton at the Legislature ice rink.

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Some of the nice trees at the Legislature in Edmonton.

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