My buddy Jeff Hemphill and I have been excited for more than 6 months about the
U2 concert. I bought us 4 tickets within 10 mins of them going on sale and then
sold the other 2 on Ebay (since all the rest of our friends are lame).

Jeff had the bright idea to take the Max rather than fight traffic the whole way in. It turned out
to be a good call. This is Jeff on the train heading to the show.

Here I am heading to the same show. It was pouring that night, which was the leftover moisture
from the ice/snow storm that almost got the concert cancelled. The night before the show I was actually
worried whether the show would go on or not.

This totally doesn't do the stage justice at all, but I wanted at least one dark shot showing the
stage to prove that I was there.

This is an odd story. So, in the foreground are two really nice people enjoying the show. In the background
are one dirty old man (let's call him Dirty Dan) and his party for the night. It's our belief that this guy
drugged up his favourite stripper and took her along to see the show. By a few songs into the show, Dirty Dan
had the bulk of his stripper's clothes off, and then she subsequently crashed and fell asleep in her chair.
Gotta love those crash landings! Needless to say, it was quite strange and none of us really knew what to do.
It was sort of a relief when the stoned out stripper finally came to, almost puked right there and then had to
have Dirty Dan half-carry her out of the arena. Man, Portland is weird!

This is me and Bono. No really, it is! It was about this time that I called my buddy Kelly with the
now familiar "I'm someplace cool and you're not" phone call.

Our neighbours for the concert. Very nice people. I think he had flown her in for the show from Atlanta.

Jeff and I enjoying the show.

On to Edmonton for Christmas 2005

At week's end, after the U2 show, I flew up to Edmonton to spend the holidays with my girlfriend and my family.
Since it was Christmas, my sister Renee and my girlfriend Natalia both got sweet presents from their 5 and 6 year
old kids (since they're both teachers). Here's Renee just thrilled to be surrounded by gifts.

And Natalia, not to be outdone, is scratching some of her lottery tickets from one of her kids. Love those
reindeer horns!

This will make no sense to anyone other than Renee and I, but this is a completely demolished stick of margarine
that we had been throwing at each other. I think it's hysterical.

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