I was fortunate to be able to take a little time and celebrate my friend Justin Claude's
wedding. My girlfriend Natalia and my sister Renee both live in Edmonton too, so I was
able to spend time with both of them.

Erik "I can drive to Edmonton from Saskatoon in 4 hours flat" Olson came out to Edmonton to hang out
with me. Here he is with his speed machine.

C'mon ladies, you can't get enough of THIS guy!

Somewhere on Whyte Ave, we found a fire extinguisher.

Erik and I somehow managed to make it to a bar that had a mechanical bull. We couldn't just hang out and
not get on the thing, so here's Erik getting his gloves on.

Erik riding the bull.

Video clip of Erik getting bucked: HERE

Video clip of Erik getting bucked once more: HERE

Video clip of Erik getting bucked round 3: HERE

Here is my very beautiful date, the lovely Miss Natalia Lynn, for Justin and Valerie's wedding.

Here are the next two to tie the knot, Sarah and Kevin Snodgrass. This is at the reception.

This is Natalia again, with Kris "Napoleon Dynamite" Breen in the background.

Justin and Valerie cutting the cake at their reception.

Justin and Valerie feeding each other.

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