Well, once again my company deemed it necessary to send our FAE force to Ireland
for a week of training and "networking". This time, I decided to try the new
Portland-Frankfurt direct flight and then through London Heathrow to Shannon.
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So even though Frankfurt International is one of the largest airports in Europe, it turns out that
they've failed to deal with the business upside and so they simply don't have enough gates for all
of the planes that fly into the airport. What the planes do is they park out on the runway and then
buses run out to meet the passengers and bring them to the main terminal. It was a little bit weird
seeing 30 or so Airbus A340s in the middle of the tarmac. Maybe it results in faster turnarounds
but I thought it was weird.

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Mrs Mary Lynn thinks the world of Pimm's (or so I'm told), so I thought it was entertaining that
it's a hot seller in London. This billboard was all over Heathrow airport. By the way, if you ever
think about using Heathrow as a connecting airport - don't, especially to get to Ireland. They've stuck
all Irish-bound destinations way out in Terminal 1, which is at least 5 miles from any of the connecting
flights. Thankfully, I had plenty of time to make my connectors.

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Jeritt Kent having a pint or two of Guinness with our new Central Apps buddy Brandon.

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Here's Brandon making friends with our good buddy Dave Hanrahan.

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Brandon and Ran Ghoman. Sorry ladies, Ran is now off the market as he just got married to
a mythical woman in the UK whom none of us has ever met.

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Brandon, Jeritt, and Dave. Man, give a Boston kid a beer and he thinks he invented it...

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I'd like to say that this was my joke that they're laughing at, but I'd be disrespecting Steve
Ranta, who's here laughing it up with Susan Pratt.

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The always tactful (and apparently now married) David Frizelle hooting it up with Nicola O'Byrne.

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Nicola posing for pictures with John Reidy.

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If there's one young lady who can singlehandedly throw this size of a conference together,
it's the lovely Sarah Crowe, posing here with John Reidy.

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Even though "The Man" didn't want to hear the FAE band, we all did, and so parts of the Phase
Noise Skirts got some music time on our night out.

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My good friend Claudio Troyano is my favourite Brazilian in the world. He's legendary in
his knowledge of the Three Stooges, his love of fine women, and his ability to mis-translate whatever
anyone says into something offensive.

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Again, we can't ever keep Dave off the dance floor. Here he is hooping it up at some dive
in Limerick, Ireland. All he really wants to do is hit up the Akekaggaggabraa for some curry chips though.

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Dave, giving his new boss, Luca Vassalli a raving review (which is MUCH better than the reviews that
Luca writes about Dave!) Just kidding guys.

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I like to think that I'm spreading love around the world. These two were just about ready
to come to blows before I saw them. Now, they're giving everything a thumbs up. Nice job Peter
and Morris.

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One of the best parts about staying at a hotel in Ireland is that they can't stop serving you at the
hotel bar if you're a guest at the hotel. As it turns out, I wasn't a guest, but these two hotel
staff didn't seem to mind since we were drinking on Jim Greene for the night. They just assumed that
I was Jim Greene. Sorry Jim, I do feel bad about your bar tab that week... :)

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This is Trassa who wound up drinking with the ITF boys and Dave and I back at the Clarion. Thankfully,
her boss Mike McCarthy (who it turns out she has a lot of respect for) talked her into going home. Dave
and I wound up solving the world's problems and met the sun as we were introduced to John Powers. Long
nights in Limerick indeed.

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