I went back to Ireland for work this year and decided to spend some time in Spain this time.

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Normally, it pours cats and dogs when we go to Ireland. This year, we lucked out and right off the plane,
it was beautiful! I took the opportunity (with a little prodding from Rod) to go golfing with Rod,
and my friends George Chia and CP Chan from Singapore. Here are George and CP warming up on the
practice green at Ballyneety or Limerick County Golf Club.

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Here is Rod Goldhammer hitting another miracle drive.

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Here is George making a great save from the rough.

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Nice backswing George!

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When I watch myself swing sometimes, I think, "Wow, does that ever look awkward!" When I got to watch
my friend George swing, I found myself saying, "Aha, THAT'S how it's supposed to look!" Nice round George!

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The good folks in Limerick take great care of us when we're over in Ireland. On the Thursday of the
training week, they hosted a quiz game at Dolan's pub. Here is my friend Paul Ren from our
Shenzhen office, who played on my team for this event. Thanks for all of your help Paul!

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