Jeff and Lisa invited a few of us over to select the white wine to be used
for their wedding.

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My roommate Tim Day joined us for the event, and as you can see here, he enjoyed all of the wine
and I think he also drank some antifreeze for good measure (or he's one of those queer VIIV people).

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The recently-freed Charles Alexander also made a good showing here. The night wound up being a
playoff-style format of drink-offs to allow Jeff and Lisa to select the best white wine for their
wedding. Charlie is sampling a Boedecker I believe.

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Here Jordan is expounding upon why the wine that no one liked "is a strong taste, a manly taste."
As you can see, Lisa is riveted.

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I have a lot of pictures of Deb through a wine glass. I'm not sure why. Deb, does this just happen
a lot, or do I happen to have a camera only when you're drinking wine?

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The wine tasting crew (L to R): Lisa Hansen, Jordan Disko, Tim Day, Charles Alexander,
Deb Disko, Jeff Hemphill, and Jeff's friend _____.

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This picture doesn't really have a need to be on this page, but I found this bike at REI and thought of Deb,
since apparently she's in the market for a "comfort bike".

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