On the way to Ireland, I had a JEDEC conference in Vancouver, and so I overnighted in YVR.
Sometimes the sun shines on you and I got upgraded to their presidential suite!

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So imagine this scruffy backpack-toting goon rolls up to your front desk at ~ 11 at night and
says, "Yeah, I'm checking in", and to the front desk girl's surprise (I think she expected to say,
"Um, the hostel is down the road"), she has to say, "Well sir, this is a pleasant surprise, you've
been upgraded". "Oh yeah?" I say, "what, did I get a king sized bed?". "No sir, you've been upgraded
to the presidential suite!"
This is the hallway leading up to my presidential suite. Again, don't ask me why, I just rolled with it.

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The interior of the main room of my suite. The room had two bathrooms, three couches, a dining table
that seats 8, three balconies, and really nice furnishings throughout.

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A few of the couches.

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The view into the harbour from my suite.

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Did I mention that I was travelling with my backpack?

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This is the card in the hallway, just to show how much larger my suite was than the other rooms.
By my count, it's at least 4-5 times bigger. Yay for complimentary upgrades!!

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An art piece along the Vancouver harbour, by Dennis Oppenheim called, Device to Root Out Evil

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Downtown Vancouver sits on a peninsula jutting out into the Pacific. The north side of the peninsula
is used for shipping, puddle jumpers, and cruise ships. The white tent spikes are the Convention
Centre, which is being heavily renovated to prepare for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

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A seabird of some kind in the harbour, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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Vancouver is definitely a study in contrasts. There are those who are quite rich, earning good cash in real
estate speculation or in import/exports from Asia. These people own a lot of the larger yachts such as this one
called Nova Spirit . I think it was ~ 40 feet long.

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Then, there are those on the lower mainland who live at their own pace, doing their own thing. These are the
people who practice things like "No School" (I thought Home School was on the fringes...) and live in
houseboats like this one.

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The view back into downtown from the water. Note the green roofs as "Green Architecture" seems quite
popular here.

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I have no idea what plant these are, but I thought they looked cool.

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Stanley Park is a massive treasure the city of Vancouver keeps just off downtown. There are an abundance
of ducks, geese, and wildlife here, as well as some peace and quiet for downtown residents. This goose
was hanging out near the Pitch and Putt.

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This is meant to be a "before" picture of the Convention Centre remodel. By 2008, it should be finished and
ready to go.

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