These are shots from May-July 2002. I have far more pictures than
the ones here, beautifully arranged in an album for anyone who wants to come

The night before I flew out, I packed all my stuff and still came in under 35 lbs!

Jason Leuschen accompanied me for the first two weeks of my trip

This is now my standard tower pose, having used it at the Eiffel Tower (as shown above),
the CN Tower, the Space Needle, and others.

So, as it turns out, not a lot of people swim in the Mediterannean the first week
of May. I DO! Don't mind the captions. My mom and I added them when we put my album
together. This part of the Med is south of Montpelier in France.

Jason Leuschen posing at a cafe in Montpelier. Jason did not quite understand
that laid means ugly in French.

The hills of Vernazza, Italy are just beautiful. This region in north west Italy
is called Cinque Terre, and this is the view that Jason and I had from our window.

Wonderful hiking terrain, nice beaches, and a bottle of wine for breakfast
make Cinque Terre one of my favorite destinations.

The Roman coliseum is one of my marvels of the modern world. I think it's one of
those places where almost everyone feels a sense of awe.

Traveling with Jason was like traveling with one of the Muppets or something. This
is outside a roman ruin down the street from the Vatican.

In the Roman Forum, we discovered Paulus Maximus.

St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City. This is the largest church in the world
and was one of the highlights in and around Rome.

Looking from the top of St. Peter's, you have a perfect view through the square
down the street that Benito Mussolini opened to the public. Whoever said fascists
accomplished nothing?

Here I pose for a picture showing off the city of Florence. You can
see the Medici Tower and the Duomo in the distance.

This is what happens when people don't adequately lock their trains.

Hanging out in the Tuscan countryside amidst some vineyards.

Jason picking up some rays in Tuscany.

St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice, Italy. Picture taken from a vaporetto.

Sunset in Venice. It's so easy to take nice pictures in Venice.

Me on a vaporetto in Venice. Even though I've got a few pictures from Venice,
Jason and I only spent about three or four hours here. It's worth a stop,
but if you're a couple of guys, it's too romantic to stay too long.

Paragliding over Bavaria, Germany.

Looking into Austria from the top of the north Alps in Germany.

This is Connie the American enjoying a perfect day to be flying.

So, to get a paraglider in the air, you attach a parachute to your back and
start to run off a north-facing cliff. Then (hopefully), the thermals catch your chute
and off you go!

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