I flew to Ireland for some work-type stuff in June of 2004,
and managed to spend a little time doing things other than working.

This is the infamous Steven Ranta on a ferry crossing to Inis Mor, the largest of the Aran islands.

Here is me on the same ferry out to Inis Mor.

This is Jeritt Kent with his bardufka.

Yours truly giving the ferry a big thumbs up.

When we got onto the island to visit my friend Heather Nurse, she hooked us up with some
cheap bikes, and we toured around Inis Mor. You can see the rock wall typical of the
Irish countryside, even on the coast.

I'm not sure what the heck these things are in the water, but they were kind of funky-shaped.

Dave Hanrahan and Steve Ranta enjoying a nice ride in the sun. It's funny to note that
we all got stupidly burned in the sun, in IRELAND, of all places!

This is the first sign of the extreme disrespect we were giving to this island. Here Dave is
leaving his marks on someone's old tomb. Some might say these are only water
holders for the livestock, but I think they looked like old tombs.

Steve is engaged in the "Watch how fast I can hit these rocks" race. It provided good entertainment.

Dave H: "Hey Paul, do you want to see my moose?"
Paul P: "Um, sure Dave."
Dave H: "Meeeeooooggggghhhhhhnnnnnhhhhhnnnnhh"
Paul P: "That's great Dave."

This will be the album cover of a really terrible band at some point.
Let's call it Mr. Peanut and the Butter Boys You can decide who's who.

The usual suspects at a pub on the island enjoying lunch.

Steve enjoying the sun.

Standing tall and proud on an old fort.

A better view of the small circular fort. There were no doors, so I just went up the side.

This says that we're supposed to go somewhere to see something, but my Gaelic isn't
what it used to be.

VIDEO This is Dave H's attempt to knock down a wall on the island.

This is really where the burning happened. I had just gotten off the plane in Shannon at 8 AM after a brutal
flight (you try sleeping with the whole cabin full of screaming and giggling 17 year old kids) and it
seemed like a great idea to have a nap in the sun. My face peeled during the entire week of training
in Limerick. The constant comment was, "You got a sunburn... in IRELAND???"

A sailboat in the bay amidst some nice scenery.

Heather and the boys at her pub in Inis Mor.

Heather and I enjoying a pint or two at her pub.

VIDEO This is a message from Heather to her father for Father's Day.

The village of Inis Mor, from the ferry back to the mainland.

Dave Hanrahan, feeling a little better on the ferry. It turns out that the Irish have problems
on boats, particularly after a few ciders.

Some of the Americans have problems too...

Robin "The open source King" Getz, Mike "I didn't touch your underage daughters" McCarthey,
Peter "I'm a monster on the snowboard" Shih, Ran "All of the Women love me" Ghoman, and
Dave "The United States Doesn't Want Me" Hanrahan all enjoying a good laugh.

Here we have a group of troublemakers looking for a place to happen. The good looking guy is
Claudio Troyano from our South American office. The rest of the clowns have been introduced on
this page already.

So, naturally, after seeing how much fun everyone had with the breathalyzer at the Breen
stag, I had to take it to Ireland. Here is a young Aer Lingus air hostess testing herself
and blowing high I might add. However, it wasn't high enough to let Mike talk her into
going back to the hotel for another round.

This Aer Lingus air hostess also blew high, but she was more of the persuasion to tell Mike
exactly why the United States is a terrible place, and why George Bush is a douchebag.

So, speaking of GW, he also happened to be arriving into Shannon the same day I was flying out to
England, so lucky me, I got to go to the airport 5 hours early to allow for "extra security precautions".
The gentlemen carrying the huge guitar cases are snipers, and they're setting themselves up to snipe anyone
looking at GW's Air Force One.

Here are those same gentlemen getting into position atop one of the terminal buildings. Yeah, that
definitely makes me feel much safer. As it turns out, I was chatting with one of the Garda (Irish Police)
with some of the spare time I had waiting for my Ryanair flight to London, and it turns out that of the 8,000
or so Garda in the country of Ireland, 4,000 of them were in and around Shannon airport for the weekend of the
EU-US summit that weekend. So, it would've been a great time to clean out a bank in, say, Dublin.

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