I decided to take a trip back to New Jersey to party with some cool kids at Drew University (not College).

So, I took in a horse show in New Jersey.
Think "Best in Show" by Eugene Levy. And that SNL skit. Da da dada da da HORSE SHOW!
This is one of the competitors.
Apparently, when they win, they get dental dams and this particular person is thrilled about that.

This is Jen Dorenbosch. She has got possibly the most fun drunk smile of anyone I know

This is also Jen, but this time with a fun note on her arm.
And yes, I'm aware that her shoes are off, so I shouldn't have written on her.
But it made me laugh.

This is Vanessa L. Thomas of equestrian fame. Word has it she's a heck of a rider.

Here, Josh tries the old "Go for a cheap feel while the girl is busy
putting her finger in the air to slow the bleeding" trick. Way to go Josh!
It works every time! The person in question is Barbara

And just so one doesn't think that the whole trip was nipple piercing and
horse shows, I did manage to catch my 10th NHL game of the season, this time
at Continental Airlines Arena in New Jersey. Devils won 2-1 in OT.

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