When I'm in Portland, I always try to have a good time.

Here are some of the "usual suspects" playing poker at my place.

From left to right, there is Chris "Otz" Otzenberger, Juan "I climb harder than you do"
Rodriguez, Saul "Mardi Gras King", Chris "I win climbing comps as women" Gorman, and Jordan
"I'm 100 years old and still the coolest guy around" Disko.

This is Michigan "Chicks like hooking up with me", Brian "I'm drunker than YOU!" Mantel, and
"South" Paul Dehaan.

This is me with my recent attempt at growing a goatee.

Brian: "Don't tell my wife I got this drunk..." Paul (to everyone else): "I thought Brian only had two beer?"

You'd never know looking at this sexy rig that he's the reigning second place winner
at the ClubSport climbing comp in the intermediate women category.

Me climbing at Clubsport. I finished tied for 6th in intermediate men in a category of 17.

This was the first time I had ever competed in a climbing competition.

So, I took a trip to San Fran for a work thing. It just happened to be the same week that the
mayor of the city declared that gays could marry. As such, the city was pretty ridiculous most of the
time we were there.

Fisherman's Wharf definitely gets the Paul Perrault stamp of approval! By far some of the best
sourdough bread and crab on this green earth reside on this wharf.

I decided to go for a bit of a run down to the wharves from my hotel in Union Square. I see this guy
as I run past. Then I realized that I had my camera with me and had to take a picture. I didn't
know whether to laugh or cry. So, I took his picture.

Here's a guy fishing with Alcatraz visible behind him. I asked him what he was fishing for. He said:
"Nothin'. There's nothin' here but pain." I slowly crept away and kept running.

Due to a little foresight, I actually managed to reserve a seat on an Alcatraz tour.

Yes, they even try to eke out some touristy value out of convicts, as long as they went to the right

Alcatraz from San Francisco harbour. This is about 2.0 km from the prison. That's only important
if you consider that that is the shortest distance you would need to swim to get to freedom.

Yours truly aboard the ferry to the island.

The Golden Gate Bridge from the water. It looks a little forbidding with the dark clouds overhead.

Downtown San Fran, visible over the back of the ferry, with seagulls for added charm.

The prison itself can be seen as the long flat concrete building in the middle of the water tower and
the lighthouse. Alcatraz island has a very interesting history. It was originally a fort meant to
protect the gold riches of the city from invasion. The military went on to use it as a prison for
deserting soldiers. When they decided that it was too expensive to maintain, the federal government of the
US took it over and turned it into a "Super Prison" for career crooks like Al Capone. Then
it was the site of an Indian occupation, and lastly, it became a tourist attraction. For more information on
Alcatraz, please go to Official website of Alcatraz .

This is the sign as you enter the island from the docks. You can see the remnants of the Indian occupation.

Downtown San Francisco from Alcatraz island. This is what a prison guard might have seen from his post.

If you were visiting your serial killer cousin in jail at Alcatraz, this is what you would have seen.

And this is the view that Crazy Eddy would have had.

The view down "Broadway", between cell block B and C.

This is a typical cell, with dimensions of about 10 feet by 7 feet high by 5 feet wide. Imagine
spending up to 23 hours a day in your cell.

Sign pointing out "Broadway".

This is showing two levels of cells right above each other. There is actually a third level as well.

I took this picture for my brother Denis. This was in the barber shop. You can see that even the great
Al Capone could have used a good tax accountant and he would've stayed out of prison. He should have done
his tax work in Bermuda or something.

Cell 181, where Capone spent his time while at Alcatraz.

Prisoner number 1645. He's a mean one. And he looks kind of goofy too.

View of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset from the prison's kitchen. Imagine looking at this everyday
and realizing that you can't ever leave.

Sign in the hospital ward.

View from the prison down to the work out yard. The colour of the walls is from the setting sun.

This is called "The Hole". It is the isolation chamber. The longest anyone lasted in here was 19 days straight.

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