In May of 2003, my great grandma Marion turned 100 in Saskatoon, SK. It's an event
that doesn't happen often, so I went home to visit (much to my mother's surprise!).

My mom and my aunty Deb Hogg organized a come and go tea for my great grandma's
entire family. We had relatives there I had never even heard of let alone met.
Grandma had letters from the mayor, the premier, the prime minister, the governor general,
the Queen, and the Pope!
Kudos to 2 great women for putting the tea together and to the woman of the hour, my great
grandma Marion, who has lived 100 years! Aunty Deb also put together a great slide show in
Powerpoint that is available here. Right click on the link and save it on your computer. Warning,
it's over 28 MB:
Grandma's slideshow

Pictures from the Tea

My cousin Kim's daughter, Shelby Brown.

My cousin Connie's son Kenny Martin. He'll be the next engineer in the family.

My cousin Connie's daughter Emily Martin.

Our newest Perrault, Leah and my grandma Perrault who came all the way from Ponteix for the tea.

So, I give my camera to my sister in an effort to get more pictures of me with family.
When I got it back, I had 300 pictures just like this one. That's my cousin Shawna with Renee.
They were calling themselves Tula and Nic from My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

My cousin Curtis Banda and his son Evan.

My cousin Leanne Dobson and I.

The most recent addition to the Banda family, Greg Nehnychuk with his wife (my cousin) Bev.

My cousin Curtis' eldest son Brett Banda.

Bev, Candace, and my aunty Eleanor Banda.

All of Great Grandma's grandchildren.

Great Grandma with her children. My grandma Banda is the beautiful young lady on the left.

My great uncle Fern and I getting the cake ready for Grandma to blow out the candles.

Renee and Great Grandma.

Our entire Perrault clan, including Grandma Banda and Great Grandma Marion.

My grandma Perrault and I at my uncle Gord's, where he hosted a great barbeque after the

Bev with my Great Aunt Aurore.

My uncle Gord at his acreage.

My mom took the opportunity at the barbeque to go a little wild.

Pictures of the newest Deutscher - Gracelyn

On May 9, 2003 Gracelyn Emera Deutscher came into this world. I got a chance to hold her
when she was 7 days old.

Baby Grace

She's so cute!

And so tiny!

Dear old dad (Benny Deutsche) letting Gracy play on his sympathy belly.

Denis, my brother, celebrating his 25th birthday at the homestead in Saskatoon.

Earl Kowalcyzk being the best babysitter he knows how. Yes, that's a beer in his hand.

And as always, Earl shares everything he has.

Surprisingly, Earl can actually be somewhat responsible! However, I don't think
it'll change Benny and Christine's mind to let us babysit.

My sister Renee and Gracy

My buddy Earl along with his new wheels.

My sister Danielle in her flight attendant's uniform (I'm not supposed to
call it a stewardess outfit).

My sister Renee chillin' and a little bit of illin'.

My buddy Kris Breen with his Mazda (yes, it actually says Zoom Zoom in the back window)

View at the Saskatoon International airport from a little tug on the tarmac.
Thanks to Erik Olson for taking me tooling around the airport.

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