I convinced my boss that I could "Work from Home" in Saskatchewan for a week, which
allowed me to get up to Alberta for my sister Danielle's graduation in Lethbridge,
my sister Renee's graduation in Edmonton, my girlfriend Natalia's graduation in
Edmonton, and my cousin Marc's wedding in Swift Current.

Danielle went to school at Lethbridge Community College where she studied Criminal Justice.
Here she is outside her residence on campus. The coulees are a great place to run.

Here is the graduand and my dad.

The graduand and her parents.

Dad, Mom, Danielle, and Paul. See Danielle, aren't you glad that you went back and got your gown?

Danielle and one of her friends.

I'm sure that Danielle will hate this picture, but I think it's cool with the widnblown hair.

From Lethbridge, we bombed up to Edmonton for Renee and Natalia's graduation ceremonies. This
is Danielle and my mom and dad waiting in the auditorium for the events to start. My mom and
dad are sitting next to Natalia's parents, Carl and Mary Lynn.

Natalia, waiting to do a little dance on stage, and pick up her rose and pen set.

My lovely sister Renee.

Renee and Natalia after their ceremony - le something des lumieres.

Natalia and her parents.

Renee and hers.

Renee and I after her ceremony.

Ever since Renee got back from Hongcouver, she can't stop taking these pictures.

Same pose, but this time with a great book from her Mom by Dr Seuss called,
"Oh, the places you'll go!"

After the ceremonies, we went to Renee and Natalia's dinner and dance. Here Renee is receiving
a card and gift from Natalia. The card had a cool sticker, which Renee promptly put on...


This is the look of surprise that only comes when someone gets 12 months of FIMO brooches! Nice
work Natalia!!

There they are! That's the always lovely Miss Ashley Slade to Renee's right, who drove up from
Saskatoon for Renee's dance and dinner.

Natalia and her friend Jocelyn.

Renee, Natalia, and Jocelyn.

All of the above plus two more friends.

My new favourite picture of my Mom. Can you guess how many times she'll yell at me about this one?

The very resourceful Mary Lynn found a settee for improvised family pictures. This is the Lynn family
minus Sarah and Bohdanna. Clockwise from the back, we have Mr Carl Lynn, E, Maria, Lulu (Elizaveta),
Natalia, Susannah, and Mary.

We took advantage of the same backdrop. We're only missing Denis and Leah for this one to be
a family shot. Nice smile Dad!

Of all the people I would have expected to run into in Edmonton, Mr Austin Speer was the last.
You may remember him from Cuban deep sea fishing: HERE
or from rising to a point of order in the Cuban Parliament: HERE
or from drinking his face off on illegal scooters: HERE .

Renee with one of her friends.

Renee and Natalia with another one of their friends.

Nattie and I being cheesy as Renee says.

The morning after the dance, my family and I were invited to the Lynn's suite for a Ukrainian
Easter celebration. This is what part of the spread looked like. A very impressive event, and
we were very honoured to be invited. Note for posterity, the Easter bunny even managed to
track ME down in Edmonton, even though I'm not Ukrainian (thanks Mrs Lynn!).

Renee's friends Ashley and Julie also joined in the festivities.

Since E had had a long night the night before, I figured it was only fitting to take
a picture up his nose.

Here are all of the Easter celebration attendees from the Lynn and Perrault families.

Lastly, and totally unrelated to everything else on this page, I found a small sign as
we were leaving Edmonton that made me laugh. Yeah, it's worth zooming in for this one.

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