My Grandma and my mom came to visit me in Portland in August of 2004. We had a chance
to visit and catch up, as well as show my grandma around Portland.

This is my Grandma Banda, and my mom, half an hour late at the Portland airport. They flew through
Vancouver, enjoyed the fun in customs (Grandma left her purse in customs and my mom ran to retrieve it),
but made it to Portland in one piece on 5 August 2004

From the airport, we drove out the Gorge and found our way to Multnomah Falls. Here is my grandma
and my mom with the Falls behind them.

All three of us at Multnomah Falls, courtesy of a passing stranger who volunteered to take our picture.

At the Multnomah Falls site, there is a nice little restaurant where we dined and welcomed my company to
Oregon (pronounced ORE- GUN for those who don't know).

Here is my Grandma and I tasting wine at Edgefield Winery in Troutdale, OR. As you can tell, I think my
grandma had a few too many tastes! Honestly, the wine is quite good and worth the trip to Edgefield.

My mom and I had some of the blush (Pinot Noir Blanc 2002), and as befits the name, she is, in fact, blushing!

On a beautiful Saturday morning, my guests and I drove to Tillamook to see the Cheese Factory. Here is the
scale model of the Morning Star in front of the factory. For more information about this ship, click HERE

My mom and I in front of the same boat.

From the Cheese Factory, we made our way along the gorgeous Oregon Coast to Pacific City. Since the city itself
was far too full of tourists, we continued down the beach to a little state park, and proceeded to have a
nice picnic lunch on the sand. Grandma is having a nice cup of tea before we throw her in the Pacific Ocean.

Here are the delightful young ladies who escorted me to the beach enjoying a bite of lunch.

I asked my Grandma to give a "thumbs up" on the beach. Here's a nice shot of the coastline and grandma. It really
shows how nice the sand is, and how long the beach really is.

Outside the state park, there were signs warning about "sneaker waves". This sneaker wave caught my mom
by surprise and resulted in her with a great water wedgie. You can see the southern Haystack Rock behind my mom.

Grandma and her daughter (my mom) in the water. This was Grandma's first time dipping her feet in the Pacific Ocean
(or any ocean for that matter!). Yay Grandma!! I asked if she wanted to surf as well, but she politely declined.

Grandma and I with a nice view out to Haystack, as well as the kayakers who were in the water as well.

We found this flag at a little flag shop in Lincoln City. I took the picture for my friend Erik Olson
who really likes pirates.

I'm not entirely sure what to say about this car. I think I may trade in Gloria for it, because it's a
pretty pimping ride. The Satanic horns really add to the trade-in value.

"Look Ma, no hands!" We were short of gas, so Grandma thought she'd ride this bear home.

I think my almost-80-year-old grandma should use this for her Christmas cards. It's just too funny. These
were both taken at a roadside carving studio in Otis, OR. I just don't quite understand why everyone
carves bears out of trees, but they make for funny pictures.

Mom just got into the picture in time, but is obviously not in the same fun mood as my grandma.

This is Olga. I think I can order her online to be my wife. I think she wears a 46- LONG brassiere.

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