Hallowe'en has got to be the most fun holiday ever. We carve out pumpkins,
steal candy from people's homes, and then go out in ridiculous costumes.
Or, maybe that's just me!

So, my friends Avie and Jason and I carved up jack-o-lanterns to decorate our pad.
Avie decided to get a little industrial on us, and pulled out my hand drill. She
claimed that it made the eyes look better.

Here are the three works of art that we finished with. I made a Cheat-o-lantern.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out the Cheat here: THE CHEAT! .

Our pumpkins with candles in them.

Jason introduces his pumpkin in this video: CLICK HERE

Avie introduces her pumpkin in this video: CLICK HERE

Paul introduces his pumpkin in this video: CLICK HERE

For Hallowe'en proper, Paul Dehaan, Ha Nguyen, and I dressed as characters from Willy Wonka and
the Chocolate Factory, the children's story by Roald Dahl. It was made into a great movie in 1971, starring Gene Wilder.
You can find out more about the movie here: Click here

So, Paul, Ha, and I spent some time thinking about these costumes. Yes, Ha (the other Oompa) and I painted our
faces orange, and spray painted our hair green. Yes, those are cotton balls on our eyebrows, and yes,
that is Paul Dehaan's real hair (not really, but it looks awesome!). Did I mention P Diddy found his coat
and died it purple as well as learned to tie a bow tie just to be more in character??

Here Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa 1 are jamming out at their pad.

Us, right before we went out. I love the candy in Paul's hand! Too awesome!

Speaking of awesome, or AWESOME TO THE MAX, here are Ross and Erin's costumes, the 80's trailer park trash.

A sweet vid before we go out on the town of Willy and Oompa 1 getting down: Click here!

Rather than a house party for Hallowe'en, we took our party on the road, and went to the Kell's in downtown Portland.

Ha REALLY enjoyed the eyebrows on his costume. Here he is showing "MAD HA".

HAPPY HA (or Ha sitting on a bicycle seat with no seat)


Here is a great picture of Paul, showing off the dynamite job he did on his costume. That's Audrey Hepburn
trying to work her magic on Paul.

And here's 80's boy Ross being a blocker and promptly getting rid of said Audrey Hepburn.

The boys of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.

The band at the Kell's had a really good time playing the Hallowe'en show, and actually
brought a girl up on stage to rock out on the cow bell. It was fantastic! See the
original Cow Bell skit here: Transcript AND Video from SNL .
If you can believe it, there's actually a website called www.ineedmorecowbell.com

The lead singer of the band and I rocking out. Great costume dude! You look like my old Christian Ethics teacher,
the Walrus.

So, somehow, this guy won first prize in the contest.

Ha and I. Man, those eyebrows took a beating.

The boys up on stage after we came in third in the bar's costume contest.

This swimmer seriously was only wearing a Speedo the whole night. It was just brilliant.

Now, this here is my roommate Jason Stowers. Jason had not cut his hair since December of 2003, just waiting for
this moment. Yes, people, that is his real hair, and yes, that is a mullet! Nice mullet, Mullet Man!!.
Jason gets the Mullet STAMP of approval for his haircut and costume.

Jason, Avie, and Laurie Hotovy prepped this costume, and they were running around taking pictures of people
IN their costume. Sort of disturbing, but super funny.

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