I had a window where the snow hadn't turned to spring corn/soup yet, along with
having a quarantine to avoid, so we went up the Hero's Knob loop.

First, some more photos/vids of the boys

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The last day I had the boys without Natalia I took them for a hike around the Glenbow Ranch area.
I thought there might still be some snow for sledding so I hauled the GT, which definitely made the
hiking longer. The boys wanted to ride on it pretty much incessantly. Here they are exploring a cow paddie.

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I packed their body weights in snacks and hot chocolates, so we never lacked for something to snack on
while we were having breaks. This is at the viewpoint at the ridgetop looking out to the Bow River.

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Henry took the minions face off the GT and hung it on the barbed wire fence as we looked for deer and
saw about a dozen of them running around.

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Having hot chocolate along the pathway.

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When the shenanigans and craziness on the GT was too much or I was sweating buckets,
I'd make them walk for a bit.

Shenanigans on the GT

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Having more snacks after our ~5 km loop. Longest 5km walk in history. This is Walter sticking
crackers into his hot chocolate. Why? Because he's 2.

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Playing cars on the bike rack. We saw a coyote further up the slope which was really cool.

Garmin data on the hike HERE

Potato stamping

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Walter likes to wear his new swim goggles for lots of activities, including racing cars,
playing hockey, and eating supper.

Hero's Knob

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We had a weather and availability window and took it late in March. This is the look at one of the coolest
headwalls in ski touring from the highway entrance. Social distance prevailed here and we drove separate cars.

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After hacking through a bit of brush since I didn't want to waste time trying to find the right entrance
to the logging road and we instead entered via the Purple Bowl entrance, we got up to the basin for Hero's.
Up to the right of this spot are two big lines that I may not ski for awhile, but again, the view up to
the headwall is always stunning.

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Coming into the basin we climb to get into Hero's. The uptrack goes up the gut of this bowl to the top
of the tree triangle in the centre of the frame and then underneath the rock wall to get to the main bowl.

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Climbing up to the bowl. You can see the amount of sun triggered sluffs here as the power of the spring
sunshine starts hitting these east aspects.

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My partners on this day were Guns and Roses.

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Guns took the uptrack from here and showed us the way to the pass.

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Blurry shot as we rode the rib up to the pass.

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Looking to Mount Murray through the pass. This is one of my favourite tours in K country
and we were blessed with a wind-less morning to enjoy it. That's the Murray moraines below us.

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The rib here always seems like the Grinch is up there somewhere per my buddy Guns.

Guns dropping into Hero's Bowl

Some tele turns on Hero's

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Looking back up the bowl. While it had seen a lot of tracks, the fresh dry snow on top made it
a glorious outing. Again, you can see the sluffing snow in slightly different aspects.

Gorgeous view around Hero's Knob

Data on the day is HERE

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