In January 2004, I went to Boston, MA to visit some friends and for work.

Here we see the infamous Jeff Stanley (Stainless) gettin' some lovin' from
the Truffle shop in the Prudential building in downtown Boston.

Jeff, Paul Bear, and Brad Jacobs posing outside Legal Seafoods.

Far better picture of Paul B.

So Friday night, Brad took us to visit his friend Carlina. She's a little hottie barkeep
at a trendy place in downtown Beantown. Jeff had stepped out momentarily, so we ordered
him the fruitiest drink on the menu. It came in this cup, surprisingly.

Jeff proceeded to put the drink umbrella behind his ear, like a real man would.

Brad's a very mean man, as he makes Magda mad at him. Pout Magda, Pout!

These are Brad's friends, Bruna on Brad's right and Maggie on his left. A
man surrounded by two beautiful women is a happy man indeed. Chances are with Brad
that he met them both in a plane, train, bus, or automobile.

As is often the case when I travel, I came across an odd type of new mullet. This one, we called
the forward mullet, because from the front, it was a super-mullet! But, from the back, it just
looked like bad hair. I was in the bar and wanting a picture, so I pretended I was taking a pic of
myself and got the mullet. Albeit not a great picture, that's one more mullet in the bag for this
mullet hunter!

This is a little better picture, but not really.

Liat is in the middle of Brad and Jeff. I must say, that within 5 minutes of meeting Liat, she used the
phrase, "My Uzi". She sure captured Jeff's attention! Way to go Ranger Jeff!

Continuing the spirit of taking sock puppet dogs with me (see Vegas with Sparky ),
I took Sparky with me to Boston and showed him a good time. Here is Sparky sitting on the founder
of Harvard University's knee.

Picture of me at Harvard inside an old well of some kind.

This is Sparky travelling over the Zakim bridge with the Bunker Hill Monument in the distance.

This is a potential candidate for my front page. This is in Somerville, MA I think. Maybe Medford
(pronounced Med-fed in Boston).

This is Paul Bear and his roommate Magda posing with Sparky in front of the Clock Tower. You can
see the mess that is the Big Dig in the immediate background. It'll be years before it's all finished.

We took Sparky inside the Fleet Center to see a Bruins game. Before the game, Sparky had to try
on the merchandise. This is a Celtics hat.

In terrible French accent Vell, 'allo, mee nam eez Zparky Lafleur!

Since Paul's last name is 'Bear', he felt compelled to buy this super awesome sweater at the Fleet Center.
So, yes, he's one of those guys who buys something at the game and then wears it. Ah, who am I kidding, I'm
one of those guys too! Great sweater Paul!

This was Jeff's first NHL game ever. I don't think he quite got it. It looks like he thinks he's
surfing or something. Yeah, try hanging ten on the ice big shooter.

This was also Sparky's first NHL game. WOOF!! What a great game!!

These are the crazy people who were sitting next to us. Can you tell it was Super Bowl Sunday and the
Patriots were playing?? The only thing I have to say about this guy is: "HAL GILL, PROVIDENCE'S OWN!!" Hey,
at least they posed with Sparky.

Parade of hats after Glen Murray scored his 3rd of the game. Did you know I have a second hand pair
of Glen's hockey pants?? They're the coolest!

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