The world lost a wonderful human on July 31, 2019 when our good friend Jordan was taken from us
too early. Jordan was a man of incredible creative talent, who pushed people to reconsider themselves
and the world in new ways, while lovingly surrounding us all with humour, good spirit, and charm.
Jordan taught me about the value of thinking outside myself, and to consider the worth of a person as
so much more than what each of us does for a living or how much we acquire. You helped me become the man that I am Jordan
and I'll miss you. Here is a photo tribute to Jordan Disko.

Older photos

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I moved to Portland in April of 2003, and very quickly made friends with Jordan and others through the great
climbing gym that is Stoneworks. Jordan took me and showed me around Smith Rocks that first summer and helped
me make connections to others who would eventually become our 'Rock Squad'. This is a shot from Smith in July 2003
where Jordan is sorting out our next route.

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From Aug 2003, here's a good shot of Jordan on Misery Ridge at Smith. I have this titled 'Jordan begins a
dance of the 'exotic' variety although it escapes me why we had our shirts off here.

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One of Jordan's skills in life was his ability to pull people together. Here was another Smith trip, this time
in Aug 2003, and one of the first pictures I could find with Chris and his dogs Meeka and Teja. I'm sure
I would have told Chris that it was a terrible idea to bring dogs to Smith, and likely Jordan would have said
that dogs make our life's experiences more complete and would have overruled me. It didn't matter that
Meeka stole another climber's sausage!
Some of the Stoneworks team who formed the Labor Day Classic Climbing Team (from l to r):
Ha, Dan, Josh, Ian, Erin, me, Shawna, Juan, Jordan (behind), Joel, Paul #2, Chris, and his
two dogs, with the top of Monkey Face visible behind us.

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Jordan, Erin Gentry, Juan Rodriguez, and Paul Dehaan smoking cigars on my deck in April 2004.

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Other than climbing, one of the other bonding activities we did when I first met Jordan was play poker.
From left to right, there is Chris "Otz" Otzenberger, Juan "I climb harder than you do"
Rodriguez, Saul "Mardi Gras King", Chris "I win climbing comps as women" Gorman, and Jordan
"I'm 100 years old and still the coolest guy around" Disko.

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From a Sept 2004 post:
Here is the infamous Jordan Disko. If I haven't described Jordan to you before, allow me to do it now.
Jordan is the sort of guy who always knows what's happening. He's always on the edge. He's the sort of guy
that you'll tell him about the really cool cutting-edge band you saw last weekend, and he'll say, "Yeah, they're
pretty sweet, they used to live in my basement in Colorado" or something. He's
also a great climber and the one guy I always want to have along on a long roadtrip. Here he is at the
parking lot at Smith Rocks, OR, 25 Sept, 2004

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We often tried to extend the climbing season later into the year with Jordan often pushing us to make it
happen. This is Jordan cleaning a route called Gumby after it beat up Paul Dehaan, working on his tan
as always, being the coolest guy around.

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In April 2005, Chris and Keri got married in Utah. The night before we held a vigil for Chris' bachelorhood
(some would call it a stag party) in the back of Jordan's truck.

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Chris and Keri's wedding day at Skyline Arch near Moab. You can see Jordan getting set up with his guitar as
he serenaded the event and kept us all cool at what could have been a stressful day.

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I think this nicely captures Jordan at Chris and Keri's wedding as he's so relaxed and bringing
harmony to all present.

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In one of the best party moves of the century, Jeff and Lisa let their party-goers go nuts with
markers in their basement spare room since they're planning on painting anyway. It swiftly got out
of hand. I think this was also the point that Jordan christened us 'the Rock Squad'.

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One of my favourite trips that I was able to do while in Portland was our annual Rock Squad Maupin trip.
These trips were epic, out-of-control, and someone (often the newbie) often wound up barfing in somebody's
shoe at the Rainbow Tavern. I was lucky enough to have Jordan in our boat for this year's (2015) trip,
and we had a hell of a trip. This trip was the year that Keri took the title of drunkest person in Oregon,
actually had Chris hold her hair, and subsequently had a tough day the next day on the river.

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One of the sections of the Deschutes is called the 'swimmer's rapids' since the rocks are smooth enough
that most people just float down in their life jackets. This was the first year I had convinced Jordan to
join us and he, of course, hopped into the river no problem. Here was my original post:
One of my favourite people in Portland delighted us by joining in on the rafting action - Jordan Disko!
Here he is casually sauntering down the Deschutes in his life jacket.

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Jordan and Deb and I went to see Citizen Cope at the Doug Fir one night this fall. On the
way home from there, we stopped at Bossanova to check the place out and wound up with some of the
most fun pictures I have from a vending machine. I don't remember whether it was this night or another one
that we snuck into an apartment complex's hot tub and had a swim, but that's the sort of thing that happened
when you went for a night on the town with Jordan and Deb.

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In Dec 2005, Paul started the Dehaan Christmas Sweater party. Jordan and I thought it would be prudent to take
a trip to Goodwill in to find a sweater and some stockings to tear apart for
fabric. Deb's idea of using a battery-powered set of lights worked well with cotton balls and
stocking felt to create this masterpiece. As if these aren't the best costumes?!

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Initially when Jordan asked Deb to join us in dressing up, she declared that under no uncertain terms
would she ever wear a matching sweater. Once that was sorted out and it became clear that she didn't
have to wear a matching sweater, but instead could wear her own outfit, she was thrilled. Note the
great nametags as the icing on the cake for these outfits as 'Jordy and Deb'.

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The Diskos minus Ruby prior to the Dehaan Christmas Sweater Extravaganza.

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Jordan and Chris, with Chris showing off his sweater vest. Note that the crest on Chris'
shirt once belonged to someone named 'Aaron'

Full size
Jordan, Chris, and I in our beautiful sweaters.

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Jordan and Deb and I went to a Cirque du Soleil show in April of 2005, and we tried on masks. I think both of these
masks were well over $100 each, and I love Jordan's energy here.

Full size
A cute mask on Deb kissing Jordan.

Eye cutting surgery

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This is taken the day I had my eyes cut. The Diskos are such great people, they took me in and made
fun of my goggles the whole night (and took care of me while I was hepped on Percocet). My mom was
initially quite concerned I was going to have Lasik and she felt a lot better knowing that I had good
friends like Jordan and Deb taking care of me.

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It also happened to be Scarlett's birthday the day they kept me after surgery, so I got to share that with her.
Deb's cake with meringue and strawberries rocked the house!

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Jordan insisted on getting a picture of me with the cool googles and the not-cool fanny pack at their house.
Thanks to Jordan and Deb, I recovered perfectly from terrible eyesight and had safe, loving care while I recovered.

The Grand Toaster-Off

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Jordan with my third place toaster for the Great Toaster Off in April 2006.
Our friends Erin and Chris moved away and decided to get married. Now,
our friend Erin had at one point in Portland gotten into quite a tizzy over wedding presents and why
anyone would EVER give someone a kitchen appliance! So, we thought it fitting that to celebrate their
marriage, we would host a contest to find the absolute worst toaster and send it to them. After all,
it's the thought that counts! Jordan loved this idea and jumped all over it as that's the sort of goofball
fun that he inspired in all of us.

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Luke, Heidi, and Jordan displaying the winningest toasters ever! I liked Jordan's gluing of a beer to
the side of a toaster since that definitely dressed it up a lot.

City of Rocks - April 2006

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We took a trip out to City of Rocks in April 2006 and we finally convinced Jordan to join us at one
of my favourite climbing venues in the world. We caravaned out to City of Rocks with Jason Stowers,
Jordan, and I in one car, Keri and Chris Gorman and Luke Smith in the other car, and Ross was waiting
for us at the park. When we arrived, it was so cold and miserable that we elected to not have a campfire
and to instead have a car dance party. This is Jason and Jordan chilling in the front of the car. Jason woke
up the next morning and couldn't find his spoon or fork since he had fallen asleep with it under his toque.

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Jordan enjoyed this area quite a bit, and since Jason and I had been here a lot, we got to show him around
some of our favourites. This is a fun climb called Mystery Bolter and Jordan liked it so much
he climbed above the bolts to have a better look.

Full size
Good shot of Jordan's smile and positive energy on this climb.

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Here is a cool window of rock looking into the other side of the valley from City of Rocks with
Ross and Jordan hanging out. I think Jordan looked for every opportunity to take his shirt off,
which why wouldn't you?

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Jordan was always ready to help a friend out. In this case, I don't really like driving that much, and so he
volunteered to drive my car for a good section of the long drive back to Portland. I'm sure he's here
telling me something I've never heard or thought about, or challenging my view of the world.

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It turns out that they now have a hot spring tub in Alma that is publicly available for $5. Totally worthwhile
and because the water is free-running and hot, you can show up greasy and leave clean! You can also rent
shorts and a towel for $1 each. This is some of the Rock Squad in the hot tub with Jordan, me, Jason, Luke,
Ross, Keri, and Chris. Good times in the City!

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Jeff and Lisa invited a few of us over in the summer of 2006 to select the white wine to be used for their wedding.
Here Jordan is expounding upon why the wine that no one liked "is a strong taste, a manly taste."
As you can see, Lisa is riveted.

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All of us after a few playoff rounds of selecting the right wine for Jeff and Lisa. It was a tough challenge
but one that we all accepted willingly.

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Jason and Avie got married on 1 July 2006 at a beautiful property near Corvallis. I can't remember for the life
of me what the purpose of this particular bet was, but that's Jordan catching Jason with the proof of him
having lost a bet - his shorn legs. I find it particularly funny that Jason is standing with his very stern-looking dad
while Jordan runs in to show off Jason's smooth-as-a-baby's-butt legs, since that's the study in contrasts that I find Jordan
was so terrific at doing. Of course, Jordan got ordained the week before Jason and Avie got married so that
he could preside over their wedding. And I might mention, he wrote the ceremony himself too. Yup, that's the
kind of man he was.

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The following weekend, we had another wedding where the very classy Lisa Hansen and our own Jeff Hemphill got married.
We found out later that Jeff and Lisa had actually been married already a while before this, which I found to be
not kosher, but I remember Jordan telling me, "Paul, everyone does things their own way." Here he is explaining
the finer points of life to the bride.

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I even got the pleasure of a dance with Mrs Deb Disko.

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In early July 2006, Natalia came down to visit me in Portland since we hadn't sorted out whether I was going to
move back to Canada or she to Oregon. Jordan celebrated a birthday on June 30, so Natalia made these great
shortcake strawberry desserts she called Strawberry Jordanières in honour of Jordan.

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One of the gifts that Jordan gave to his daughters was sharing all of his friends with them. We all attended
Violet's birthday in July 2006 at Peninsula Park and we were excited to share it with her. This was the birthday
where Violet got her first cell phone and she actually beat Natalia by about 2 weeks because at the tender age of 24 later
that summer Natalia finally got one too!

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Here's another example but from Ruby. Jordan encouraged me to encourage Ruby to consider engineering and as
part of her graduation gift, I got her Lego and a bunch of old engineering T-shirts (because EVERYONE would
want THAT!). This was the thank-you she made me and folded up into a paper airplane. How cool is that?

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Here's a funny photo of Jordan just being funny at a climbing area called Ozone in the Gorge in Sept 2006.


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Jordan joined us for a Labour Day trip up to Leavenworth, one of our favourite places to climb granite.
I'm still not totally sure why he'd often climb with no shirt on, but I suppose if you've got it, flaunt it!

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I find it funny that almost every time I reference Jordan on my website, it was as 'Jordan Disko'. Not
just 'Jordan'. I guess he's so bold that you have to reference his whole name. I mean, I don't know a
single other Jordan in my life, but yet he was always 'Jordan Disko.' Funny. This is he
working the crux of a stiff climb at Leavenworth in Sept 2006.

Full size
Jordan and Paul hanging outside our breakfast place in Leavenworth.

Full size
Jordan had an amazing ability to make just about any outing a full 'experience'. We decided to pop in at a
German clothing shop, and so of course, Jordan had to try on a ridiculous jacket and pose in character as a German spy.

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On the drive back from Leavenworth, we stopped in at the Miner's Drive-In, with Jordan exclaiming,
"Look how big this place is! It's THIS big!".

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We ate outside and they brought our dinners to us, helpfully marked by these big fly-swatters.

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Not much better than a massive greasy burger with your good friends!

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Deb and Jordan made me feel extra special for my birthday in 2006 by making me a birthday cake,
taking me to a unique American experience, "Friday Night Lights", and taking me out on the town.
Here's the sweet cake along with Deb in her kitchen.

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From there, we went to see "Friday Night Lights", the standard Friday night football game, at which
the Disko's youngest daughter Scarlett was cheering with her Junior Cheer squad.

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There are a few instruments I've always wanted to play. One of them is the accordion. It happens that
the Diskos have two (one is in the Midwest somewhere). Jordan and I decided on my birthday that we were
going to teach each other to play the accordion by buying a book and taking turns having the accordion and
the book. Then, each person would take what they learned and teach the other person. Anyway, the accordion
came out and even though I had no idea how to use it, I immediately began serenading.
The side story here is that I was working on ways to piss off my neighbour who kept calling the cops whenever
the Rock Squad came over for drinks and made noise. Jordan loved this side benefit and we would play together
right up to the quiet time at my townhouse.

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Even though I couldn't climb after having foot surgery, I came along with the Disko clan for a fall Smith Rocks
trip in Oct 2006. Here is Miss Violet Disko climbing in the Christian Brothers area.

Full size
Deb working on a climb.

Full size
Jordan working on a cool climb called Double Trouble . This was actually the same climb he had climbed on
the first trip I did with him.

Full size
Miss Scarlett Disko is working on a climb called Rabbit Stew . She also got to climb Bunny Face .

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Jason and Avie hosted Jordan and I down to Corvallis for 'Dad's Weekend' at OSU in Oct 2006. This was
my first US College football game, and was a pretty unique experience to get to share with Jordan and Ruby.

Full size
Ruby and Jordan at the football game. Ruby got into the 'Paul Perrault' stamp of approval here which
warms my heart!

Full size
Jason, Jordan, and I at the game.

Full size
I often felt like sometimes Jordan and I were a study in contrasts. This was the costume I chose to
wear for Hallowe'en at this event.

Full size
Complete with thong.

Full size
Meanwhile, Jordan went totally high concept with his sweet TV repair man costume.

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We all decided that for Paul Dehaan's stag, we had to go to Vegas. We did a bit of bouldering, a bit of
chillin' out on the Strip, and a lot of laughing at each other. Here are Jordan, me, Bill, and Paul outside
the Mint.

Full size
Outside Tangerine with Chris, Jordan, and Carl.

Full size
I think we decided after this trip that it's dumb to need a friend's stag to go for a good party in Vegas and
we should just do it all the time. Jordan, of course, totally agreed with us and we decided to book one soon.

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We had a dump of snow in Portland in January of 2007, and I joined the Diskos for some fun in the snow in Bel Air.
Here's Jordan pushing Scarlett in a sled.

Full size
A young Scarlett enjoying cavorting in the snow.

Full size
Deb speeding down the hill with her Pam-sprayed-slidy-disc

Full size
Keri Gorman celebrated her birthday at Duke's Cowboy Bar in March 2007 and we made it a Rock Squad event
with many pairs of Wranglers worn.

Full size
My parents came to visit me in Portland for Easter 2007, just after I had bought my new place in Calgary.
At Easter, we always coloured Easter Eggs with my parents and we figured why not continue a tradition.
I invited Jordan and Deb over to enjoy the fun and they also participated. Jordan's eggs were of course
much more interesting than ours, but that's pretty much always the way it went.

Full size
Bill Righter's 30th birthday was hosted at Stoneworks, pretty much the centre of our social lives. We added
a blackjack table, a poker table, and many friends and family to help celebrate the day. Our high stakes
$5 tournament poker game was an event in and of itself, and I gave our participants names based on how they played.
Jordan "I have no tell signs but I'm going to just randomly throw out ridiculous comments so that you
never know what I'm thinking" Disko.

Monkey Face

Full size
Jordan, Paul Dehaan, and I woke up early after Bill's party to make the trek over to Smith for Sunday and Monday
climbing. Here is Jordan crossing through Asterisk Pass over to the backside. This was the day that Jeff Hemphill
was going to bring us up the Monkey Face.

Full size
We cruised over to the backside to begin the climb up the Monkey Face. Here is Jordan picking the Monkey's
nose before we got started.

Full size
Here, Jordan climbs up the last of the second pitch. I think I placed about 14 gear placements in the 30 m of climbing
so Jordan was sick of cleaning my gear at this point. Lucky for him, we had a bolt ladder next!

Full size
I screwed up and didn't tell Jordan he'd need an etrier or a fifi hook. That meant he had to do all kinds of
gymnastics to make his way up the bolt ladder. He wound up making some sort of sling construction with Jeff's slings
and made it all work.

Full size
While it wasn't the warmest day to climb the Monkey Face, Jordan, Jeff, and Mikey all joined in the party
so that I could climb Monkey Face before I left Oregon. This shot is at the top of Monkey Face with its
shadow on the Misery Ridge trail.

Full size
The last pitch is the Panic pitch. We did a small variation called Monkey Off my Back which goes
at 5.8 with a big E for exposure. Jordan led this pitch and he's describing here a situation he had at the
critical point of the traverse. Jordan - "I was locked off on the hold, I reached down for a quickdraw, and then
realized I hadn't grabbed a quickdraw and this sling mess wasn't going to help me clip in AT ALL!" I told Jordan
that you can't buy exposure like this.

Full size
The four of us fighting to stay warm at the summit of Monkey Face - 27 May 2007

Full size
A great perspective shot from Paul Dehaan of Jordan, Mikey, and I waiting our turn for the bolt ladder.

Full size
Jordan is enjoying the mouth. "My balls are THIS big!"

Full size
"Wow, yup, it's a ways down!" Kudos to Jordan for being the only one to look down at Panic Point.

Full size
Jordan is thrilled to be done here. It's definitely a ballsy climb but one I was very glad to have had the chance to

Full size
We did it!

Full size
The reason for the name of Monkey Face is the view from this side of Smith Rock.

Maupin one last time

Full size
So, after 4 years of "rafting trips", it's time to recognize that this trip is about a lot more
than rafting. It's about getting together, partying hard, soaking your friends, trying to ward
off hangovers, and in general doing a lot of tasteless things. This year was all about trailer trash
and the Rock Squad didn't miss the opportunity to step it up. This is Jordan and Paul checking out their pipes.

Full size
Jordan and Bill and some of the sweet "ambience" of the Rainbow Tavern. Those horns are clutch.

Full size
As usual, the Gormans showed up on Chris Gorman time - late. Since Keri was in Hooters outfit,
apparently it's okay to grab her a little too. I thought Jordan's wife beater was the bomb.

Full size
Here's one of Jordan rocking out. A side note here is that this year was the only time I've actually had
photos of me from the Rainbow Tavern since Jordan took my camera and insisted that I get a few with me in there.
He's definitely that kind of a thoughtful man. And without him, I couldn't have gotten ...

Full size
Timeless, classy photos like this one!

We set up a 'sting' so that we could catch Paul Dehaan walking into the Rainbow Tavern.
The setup

Jordan and I and our crew walking in

Paul D arrives!

Chris, Keri, and Ross and Kelli arrive

A round of shooters for the Rock Squad

Jordan rocking out on the dance floor

Climbing in Squamish Sept 2007

Full size
Jordan's daughters Violet and Scarlett joined us in Squamish. Here they are both patiently waiting their turn to climb

Full size
Jordan and Angie Kasper hanigng out in the bouldering area. Once again, Jordan with no shirt on. My
comment from my website at the time was that he looked really good for not being a day over 135.

Full size
Jordan and Paul took turns taking sips from these massive tea cups at the Brew Pub in Squamish.

Full size
And Paul Dehaan with the same cup.

Full size
A few of the Rock Squad loving Old Dutch chips and Canadian beer back at the coolest bar in Squamish - The Chieftain.

Full size
We came back for a visit in August 2010 and got to see the Diskos at Tom's Pancake House. Jordan and I
for a long time enjoyed playing a game we called 'Bullshit'. The goal was to say something completely
ridiculous and force the other person to say whether it was indeed Bullshit or actually true. One
of my favourite Bullshit calls that I got Jordan to call me on was about robot camel jockeys, which
it turns out is totally true.

Full size
A more recent photo of Jason Stowers and Jordan at the Dehaan's Christmas party in 2011.

Full size
It's telling that this photo looks like it's causing double vision. This is Jordan's sister with us.

The Rock Squad's Farewell

I am supremely blessed to have had such great friends in the Rock Squad for the four years I lived in Oregon.
The Squad were able to pull off a total surprise going-away party without me even suspecting a thing.
Complete with T-shirts, phallic donuts, fun-filled photo displays, it was a really special evening for
me and one I'll never forget. I thought it fitting to end the photo tribute here.

Full size
These are the T-shirts that Cynthia designed and everyone was wearing.

Full size
When I arrived, I had absolutely no idea that everyone was wearing the same shirt. It took Jason to
point me at Juan's shirt and stare until I realized it was me on everyone's chest.

Full size
Jordan of course served as MC for the evening's festivities and here he is showing his photo montage to
the tune of 'You have been a friend to me' by Bryan Adams.

Full size
These are some of Jordan's photos he selected for the slide show. This was from our Leavenworth trip
and Jordan set us all up to pretend to be afraid.

Full size
And then this one was pretend whatever you were afraid of then attacked you.

Full size
Chris and I are spotting Jordan bouldering here and I love the look on Jordan's face of pure intensity.

Full size
A bunch of the Rock Squad out for middle eastern food along with the Disko girls too.

Full size
I actually can't remember where this is at, but I love that Paul and Juan are so intense here.

Full size
I love this photo of Jordan and I working on our accordions together.

Full size
Juan, Cynthia, Deb, Jordan, me, and Jeff out at dinner in the last weeks I was in Portland.

Full size
Jordan and Chris ran the electronics for the event and here they are collaborating.

Full size
I'll miss you Jordan Disko.

Lyrics to 'You've Been a Friend to Me'
If you say up, I say down
We're the most unlikely pair
But up or down, high or low
You've always been right there

You've been a friend to me, a godsend to me
I ain't too proud to say
You've been a friend to me

Now if I'm feeling lowdown
Or feeling ten feet tall
Thick or thin, the shape I'm in
Don't matter to you at all

You've been a friend to me, a godsend to me
I ain't too proud to say
You've been a friend to me

Whenever I needed someone
You're right there on the line
With a friend like you, to get me through
I'll get by every time

Whenever I needed someone
You're right there on the line
With a friend like you, to get me through
I'll get by every time

You've been a friend to me, a godsend to me
I ain't too proud to say
You've been a friend to me

Rest in peace Jordan Disko

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