My buddy Jason Leuschen, that you'll remember from my European escapades HERE
drove to Vancouver with his new wife Genevieve to engineer his CASCAR team's victory at the Molson Indy.
Their car got knocked out by some gomer who couldn't drive, but I still got to have a good visit with
Jason and Genevieve.

Since we had hiked the Wonderland Trail at Mount Rainier in the rain and fog, I thought a picture
of the very benign-looking mountain from above was warranted. Taken from AC8124.

Natalie, taken from near Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver, BC.

Jason, Genevieve, Natalie, and I under the Lion's Gate Bridge in Stanley Park.

Flamingos at the Vancouver Aquarium. This room was uber-hot and humid, with butterflies and little bugs flying

Some of the butterflies in the Tropical exhibit of the Vancouver Aquarium.

Some of the butterflies actually got a little excited and got out of their cage. I can't imagine why
any living creature would want to be close to Jason's feet, but this butterfly was trying to
mate with his sandal.

Jason and Genevieve outside the dolphin show.

Natalie outside the dolphin show.

Video of dolphins jumping out of the water at the Show.

These sea otters are the cutest things. They reminded me of my friend Erik Olson waking up because they
kept rubbing their faces and their eyes with the backs of their hands.

Natalie and I took the Seabus across the English Bay to Granville Island to meet Jason and Genevieve for dinner
one night. This picture is Natalie on the Seabus.

Jason and I enjoying a spot of tea after a nice seafood meal at the Sand Bar, on Granville Island.

Jason and Genevieve enjoying a few beverages with Jason's Number 8 team at Doolin's in downtown Vancouver.

So, Natalie and I went shopping around to pick up some Canadian essentials that I can't get in the US, most notably
Stuart McLean albums, and Trailer Park Boys DVD sets. We found this store on South Granville Rise that was
actually selling articles of clothing to spruce up your "TNA". Nice brand recognition!

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