Here are some photos and videos from skiing at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort with friends
for Family Day in 2013.

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Natalia, Louis, Jeanna, Rowley, Rocky, Jenna, Kurt, Anastasiia, and I decided to spend Family
Day long weekend together at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden, BC. We were lucky enough to
have fresh snow to enjoy on the Saturday and here are Natalia and Rowley on the way up the first

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Louis, Jeanna, and I in the gondie at KMHR.

Video of Natalia and Jeanna entering Bowl Over

Video of Natalia skiing through the trees on her favourite run on Stairway to Heaven

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We decided to split up making dinners on this trip. After a terrific Greek dinner from Rocky
and Jenna, Jeanna and Louis (and Rowley) made a great gourmet mac and cheese and chicken (and
amazing salad!) dinner for all of us. Here are Natalia, Anastasiia and Kurt along with
Jenna and Rocky in the foreground.

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The cooks (Louis and Jeanna) enjoying a well-earned glass of wine.

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Rocky, Rowley, and I went for a hike to start our Sunday morning. This is Rocky getting in
at the top of Terminator 1 Peak.

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Here is Rowley getting a quick stretch in before dropping into the T1 Superbowl.

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I like the 'Pee Here' sign with a squatter and a man peeing. I also really approve of the view
of the T2 peak. I haven't skied this line yet, but I will soon I hope.

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Rowley is modeling my soft shell (Gamma MX) at the top of this run. Although the pitch and the
aspect is pretty sweet, the snow quality was only about average.

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A nice shot of Rocky along with T2 and the main entrance into Superbowl.

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Louis and Rowley getting ready to load on the Stairway to Heaven chair.

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Although the light wasn't amazing for most of our trip, we had occasional looks across the
valley. Here's Natalia with a view into the Rockies.

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Rocky and the Rocky Mountains. I know, it's pretty funny.

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Rocky and Jenna.

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A nicer shot with their goggles up.

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Natalia, Jeanna, Louis, and I had lunch at the Eagle Eye Restaurant at the top of the gondola on
Monday, Feb 18. As it turns out, it was the first time any of us had eaten up there. It wasn't
much different than the restaurant downstairs in terms of price, but a pretty amazing view.
Here is Natalia with a view to the Spillimacheen Range behind the resort.

Video of Natalia skiing on Jeanna's skis

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Since Natalia is overdue getting new skis, I suggested that she try Jeanna's. She really liked
the ease of initiating turns on them. Here she is blasting down the mountain.

Video of Jeanna skiing into Crystal Bowl

Video of Natalia skiing into Crystal Bowl

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