We got out for a nice day of ski touring out to Kenny's Ridge, a mythical place that
actually doesn't exist.

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Here is the view back to the Smith-Dorrien highway.

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Here are Dave and Andrea, friends of Graham who toured with us today.

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Graham is the single most positive person I know and I'm always pleased to get a chance
to tour with him. We did a couple of laps and here we are at the bottom. Far better than the
rain from last week.

Video of the kids skiing down a nice slope at Kenny's Ridge

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We dug a pit on our second lap and found a really thick rain crust about 25 cm down. Thankfully
it wasn't very reactive. Look at how thick it is though!

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Here's Dave looking back towards a great view in Kananaskis.

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Andrea is lit up with sunshine with some nice views behind her.

Video of Graham jumping a cliff

Video of Dave jumping a cliff

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