Kirk, Jen, Natalia, and I (and Keira and Justin) rented a place in Kicking Horse
for the weekend. Due to some epic powder conditions, we had an unreal ski trip
even if it took a little more driving to avoid the avalanched highways.

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Jen Saban in our condo kitchen. This is after a night of solid drinking and we're just getting
ready to start our ski day.

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Kirk is starting his morning with some coffee and Bailey's.

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Natalia is pointing out the huge quantity of snow on the roof of the Glacier Inn.
Also, check out the icicles on the side of the hotel too. They could kill someone!

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Natalia decided to put a run at Bowl Over, the run that I "tried to kill her on" last year.
She came down the top of it and survival skied it out.

Video of Nati at the top of Bowl Over

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If you see a big vertical line here, that's Natalia's "tracks". More accurately, it's her bum tracks.
What's cool here is that Natalia is the ONLY person in the bowl. What an amazing powder day!

Video of Natalia at the bottom of Bowl Over

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Natalia and I used the 'Ski-In' feature of our townhouse very literally. Here she is at the top
of the little hill separating the ski-in track from our townhouse.

Video of Nati skiing into our condo

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Kirk and his daughter Keira in the hot tub. The private tub on the deck is a must!

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Justin and Kirk in the hot tub too.

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Natalia enjoys hot water an awful lot as well.

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Jen and Justin in the tub. I thought him playing with a Brewhouse can was quite funny. He was
filling it with water and then dumping it back in the hot tub. I'm sure this photo will wind up
used in a wedding slideshow at some time.

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Apparently, Justin never falls asleep on people, but he walked right up to Natalia, climbed up on
the chair and promptly passed out.

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Saturday night, we elected to get some sleep and so Sunday we were up and bright-eyed and ready to
ski hard. Here is Kirk outside our condo.

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And here is Jen, getting ready for an epic day. Look at the snow on the top of the roof of these
places! At this point, we didn't know if we were going to be driving home that night since highway
93 was still closed. It turns out we had to extend our stay an extra night due to avalanche

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Natalia took another run at Bowl Over and successfully skied it without having to resort
to her bum. She was pretty exhausted at the bottom of it.

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I took Kirk and Jen down the CPR Ridge and the snow was outstanding.

Video of Kirk and Jen in the CPR Ridge

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The next stop was to hit the Feuz Bowl, which the two of them also loved. Check out the
smiles here!

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It's tough to get perspective with all of the white snow, but this is skiing into the Feuz Bowl.

Video of Kirk after taking a header in the Feuz Bowl

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Natalia skied into our condo again and thought the amount of snow on her boots was remarkable.

Thanks again to the Sabans for a great trip and to the weather for the unreal snow.
The downside of massive powder snow is that avalanches tend to close highways making a normally
3 hour drive an 8 hour one around via Fernie! Return to picture index