These are the pics from the 2nd annual TITS ski trip (the Tektronix Invitational Trip for Skiing). This
year we skied at Kimberley, BC and Kicking Horse, BC. Devin, Mike, and Gene are faggots for bailing on us.
But, we still had an absolute blast without them. For details about both of these hills, check out
Kimberley's web site or Kicking Horse's site

This is seriously the view from our condo. These were, by far, the nicest condos I've ever stayed in.
The brand new Northstar condos at Kimberley hooked us up with a sweet 3 bedroom loft, even with high
speed internet (although we had to rewire it so that it actually worked...)

Another shot looking down at the base of Kimberley, BC from our lodge in the morning.

LIQUID HOT MAGGGGMMMAAA!! This is for my friend Avie who loves this line from Austin Powers.

Introduction to the Characters

This year, the skiers were a mixed crew from all over the place with the common thread being
either myself or Brian Mantel. This is Brett Novak, my ADI sales guy from Portland, OR. He's
an ex-racer who allowed us the opportunity to learn from him on the mountain.

This is me at Kimberley, BC. I think this was my fourth full trip to Kimberley with two engineering trips
and one high school trip under my belt. Although the snow was a little lacking this year (rare for this
part of the world), the weather was spectacular, as evidenced by the blue skies in all of these pics.

This is Brian Mantel, "B", "Big Shooter", or "The Shit-ocane". Brian organized the Tek guys to join us,
and is seen here riding the Easter chair with me at Kimberley.

Here we have Teddy Redfearn, originally from Kimberley, BC, but now hailing from San Francisco, CA. Ted
was good enough to join us for the Canadian tour this year, and was extra good enough to invite us
over to his mom's place for a rocking spaghetti dinner on Sunday night. Yay Ted's Mom!!

This is Mr Nate West, who joined us from the southeast of Portland for this trip. Nate was the only snowboarder
on the trip, but he pulled his weight and didn't allow the snowboard to slow him down. This shot is from
Kicking Horse, BC, by far the most alpine resort I've ever skied at. Feb 12, 2005.

Last, but definitely not least, Aaron "Chewy" Whiteman, who joined us from the depths of Washington State University's
IT department to be a part of the Canadian tour. Aaron was the ladies man of the trip, teaching us all a thing
or two about the fairer sex.

The Main Event

Every good ski trip is judged both by the quality of skiing, and by the quality of the apres-skiing. Here are
Ted and Brett showing off our loot from the local LC. I vowed that none of the guys would drink garbage beer
this trip, and I got my wish. Note the great Canadian brews of Big Rock, Alexander Keith's, and Sleeman's.
Anyone interested in ever staying at my place need only grab a case or two of the above-mentioned brew
and you're welcome for a week!

Here's Ted saddling up for a ride down the back side of the Easter at Kimberley.

Here is the great Kimberley scenery receiving the Paul Perrault stamp of approval.

We decided to spend a little time in the terrain park at Kimberley, and took some shots of a few jumps.
This is Brian going for the gold. He actually landed this in spite of the extremely awkward looking air he's
getting here.

This is Brett going for a big switch off this kicker. Brett was riding his new twin tips, and he
definitely worked the edges as he tried for a slew of new tricks.

This is Teddy's big daffy. I've been trying this trick for awhile, but my landings need a little
work, to say the least.

Brian going for some more air on the same jump.

Me launching off the kicker in the terrain park. Not surprisingly, I didn't come close to landing this one.
But, the spoils are in the efforts, and I was thrilled to get some air for practice time.

A few shots from Kicking Horse, BC

For our third day of skiing, we took the trek from Kimberley to Golden. Now, anyone who tells you that a
hard night of apres-ski gets you prepared for a 5 am road trip is on crack. Thankfully, a few hours sleeping
in the back of B's Expedition, and a few Red Bulls and all was well. Here is Brett at the summit of
the gondola, just ready to hop into the back bowls.

Here is Ted on the top of the Stairway to Heaven lift, sitting comfortably at 8,033 feet. The fog was
only around in the valley in the morning, and swiftly burned off. As can be seen by the expansive views,
Kicking Horse is blessed by some sweet terrain and gorgeous panoramas.

We let Brett lead us around a little, which was a bit of a mistake. This is Brian, just before Brett
leads us down the steepest terrain I've ever skied, into the Side Saddle looking into the
Feuz Bowl.

A good shot of Brett just before he drops off the left side of the picture and into the great unknown.

Teddy looking into some of the backcountry of Kicking Horse.

This is a bit of steeper view up the Feuz with Brett carving snow up behind Teddy.

Possibly one of the best natural pedestals from which to view the mountains. This is next to the
Stairway to Heaven chairlift.

Brett Novak, just about to drop off the Redemption Ridge and into Feuz Bowl.

Brian standing next to the run with the same name as the resort.

Kicking Horse is possibly the longest mountain I've ever skied. From the backside to the base of the gondola
is more than 4000 vertical feet, and easily a 25 minute ski. At the end of three full days of skiing, the
last run will beat on you. This was Ted's reaction to one of the last runs of the day.

I took this picture just to show how secluded some of the runs at the Horse were. We traversed along the
top of the Bowl Over to get to this run and there's no one around at all.

Since our trip took place along the Valentine's Day weekend (a fact that the attached guys were reminded of
I'm sure by their significant others), most of the people at the hills were couples. With six guys staying
at our condo, we figured that we were having a bit of a "sausage party". This shot of our grill one night
just proves it.

These are Brian Mantel's pictures

Brian found a great license plate on the way out of Oregon.

Great picture of Brett enjoying a soda in Brian's rig on the way to Canada.

Great shot of the sunrise above Kimberley ski resort, BC.

Brian is one of those guys who likes being ridiculous in costume. Ah, who am I kidding, I'm that guy too!

The Tamarack chair lift gets the Paul Perrault stamp of approval.

One of the days that we skied, I decided to try out my mountaineering boots in a AT setup.
Of course, I was a little more unbalanced than I normally am, and so had a bit of a
"run-in" with the T-bar. From that point forward, all the jerks on the ski trip decided to give
me a hard time about it. This is Brian taking a picture of me to say, "Hey, look Paul! You stayed
on the T bar all the way to the top!". Thanks Brian.

These were the very excellent condos we stayed at. Not too cheap, but reasonable and just beautiful,
specifically the 3 bedroom 'Whitepine' units.

This is the too-sweet mogul wall of Kicking Horse.

This is a great shot of Teddy at Kicking Horse. Great views behind him.

Even though this only looks like a few feet, it was a cool jump. Kudos to Brian for making this
jump totally blind to the landing.

The world is simply a better place when you have a hot tub on your deck.

Now, let's imagine that you're on a ski trip with 6 guys. You've had a long day of skiing, and you
decide to clean up in the shower. Just when you hop into the shower, you see this. Some call it a
lufa. Others prefer the term "shower poof". In any case, this has no proper business in the bathroom
of a self-respecting man. To protect the innocent I will say that it was B Novak's. Okay, let's say
Brett N instead. Yeah, that's better.

On the drive back to Portland, I may or may not have had one too many soda pops, and decided that it was
a great idea to get out of the car and begin my karate routine (I don't actually practice karate...). This
is somewhere along the Columbia on the way back to Portland.

Yeah, I dunno what to say about this. It got a little out of hand.

Ditto. Brett was trying to get in on my karate and I was having none of that.

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