On a spur of the moment, Jason Stowers and I took off to Leavenworth, WA to
do some climbing on sweet, sweet granite.

Jason posing with Gloria with the Icicle Creek Canyon in the background.

The Tumwater Canyon area gets the Paul Perrault stamp of approval.

This is Jason at the first belay station for a climb called Canary . This tough
5.8 three pitch trad route had a fat ledge after the airy first pitch. We're sitting on this ledge
looking at the next pitch. The nose that Jason has to step onto (to the top left of his helmet)
gives you an automatic 100 ft of elevation and a taste of your sac in your stomach. Nice lead J!

This is at the top of Canary . I set my camera for timer mode and then promptly
forgot to tell Jason to look. He's busy playing with the rope.

The beautiful view up the Tumwater Canyon from the top of Castle Rock.

Jason and I at the top of Castle Rock. Man, does Jason need a haircut!

Jason is showing off the fist-jamming tough climb called Damnation Crack .
I took this picture for my friend Alex Goldhammer to show a cool crack. This climb
is actually one of the weirdest single pitches I've been on. It's a real test of your
overall climbing abilities as you need to jam, stem, roof-shimmy, dyno, and pretty much
everything else.

Here is the pieced together picture of Damnation Crack

I took a few pictures for my friend Laurie Hotovy of the intense white water in the Leavenworth area.
You can really see how the snow melt impacts the flow rate here. The temperatures have been in the high
twenties (Celsius).

Jason, showing how excited he is about the wild waters of the Icicle Creek.

The town of Leavenworth decided in the late sixties that their town was dying and it needed something to
stay alive. Since the mines were closing, the town Council decided to adopt the Bavarian style and
turned the entire town to German. The town now has all of the Bratwurst and Sauerkraut it needs. I
love German food and so Leavenworth gets the PP stamp of approval.

More of the town. This shows the Hotel Edelweiss on Front Street.

A blurry picture of me chilling out with the Big Bear outside the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. The
phrase "Big Bear" makes me think of fun nights in Saskatoon drinking out of paper bags making fun of
my old roommate. That was a shout out to you Kelly: "ARE YOU LOOKING AT MY HEADGEAR??!!"

What Jason lacks in skill in crack climbing, he makes up for it with tape. Here he is
putting on his crack "gloves".

This is the toughest V2 boulder I've ever seen called Royal Flush . It's a roof crack that is
super tough.

Jason, trying to figure out the vertical crack start.

More of Jason trying to work this problem. Next time, we need to bring a crash pad.

Here is yours truly into the crack and trying to make miracles happen.

Me trying to solve this problem. Trust me, it's tough.

Jason: "Hey, get a picture for Avie. This'll be my 'I'm a sexy bitch' picture".
Paul: "Um, sure Jay."

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