I wound up having a Canada Day party at my townhouse in Portland the day
before Canada Day.

I decided to make a cake to celebrate Canada's 138th birthday. It was a
two layer affair with icing and maple syrup in the middle. It was topped
with special Canadian Smarties (all Smarties are Canadian though) to make
a flag.

Some of my Canadian friends in Portland made it to the party. They not only showed
up to celebrate, but they also had Dehaan-made T shirts with Canadian flags on the front
and "I am Canadian, don't you wish you were too?" on the back. They ALSO brought the
cardboard cutout addition to my party. From left to right, Amanda Hoffus, Colleen Strobel,
Cardboard Girl, Alysia Chapple, Allison Vaneerden, and Angie Kasper.
Thanks for making the party awesome girls!

I picked up some "legal" fireworks and we blew them up outside my townhouse. It got a
little loud out, and I wound up getting a phone call from my HOA.

Allison and Ian play this slap game that Allison is really terrible at but refuses to give up.
Here she is losing again. You can see the back of Allison's cool shirt here as well.

The next day, we left for Lost Rocks in Northern California to do some bouldering. The new
approach trail is wretched, but the camping area is pretty nice.

The camping area is a quarter mile from the trailhead right near the coast. It was close enough
to the beach that we could still hear the waves coming in. Here is Amanda, Ian, Zach, and Paul hanging
out prior to bouldering.

Once we got through the death trail, we got down to the beach level where there are some
of the many boulders. This is Amanda checking out the quality of rock with the crash pad on.

Paul Dehaan in front of a really big boulder on the water.

I called these plants "rock cabbages". They grew right out of the rocks.

From left to right, Paul Dehaan, Ian Caroppoli, Amanda Hoffus, and Zach Blank. We hiked a few miles from
where the trail came down to the beach to get to the major bouldering areas.

This is one of the cool boulder spots. That's Smiling Paul Dehaan in the foreground and Ramona Astor in the
background. Zach is the goofball to the left.

This is a really sweet dyno that Ian is on.

Dyno finish!

Paul spotting Ramona Astor on a tough boulder start.

The always smiling Amanda Hoffus and Ramona having a bite of lunch.

Tony Astor working on a tough sequence on a boulder I named Papa Squarehead with Ian spotting
and Zach looking on.

A better look at the highball rock that is Papa Squarehead.

This is some of Amanda's blood on a stiff boulder start.

Ian and Amanda heading back to camp along the beach.

The monster boulder stallion Paul Dehaan. That's my jacket he's wearing and
making it look good.

Through the incredibly terrible hike in, Tony put Serene into the carrier that she is in here.
Serene is a wonderful little girl with all kinds of energy and vigour for life.

The sunset at Lost Rocks, CA.

Sunset picture number 2.

Some of us at the campsite - Ian and Amanda, Jeff Hemphill, me and Paul D.

Ian cranking on the problem that ate his hand. He picked up FIVE wicked bloody flappers
on the SAME problem and then finally got the send before we left.

Paul and Serene piling rocks. Paul D is Serene's favourite by a long shot and she follows him

The crew of us before we left for the day - Paul Dehaan, Jeff Hemphill, Paul Perrault, Lisa (almost Hemphill)
Ramona Astor, Amanda Hoffus, Ian Caroppoli, Serene Astor, and Tony Astor.

Serene and Paul being cute.

Ian's shredded bloody flappers. Ian wins the Perseverance award this weekend for having the
rock take its pound of flesh and then still sending the problem the next day. Way to not give up dude!

This is a little video clip of Ian going for the big dyno on this problem and making it VIDEO CLIP
Apologies for no sound.

This is a caveman in Grants Pass. How often do you see a caveman? Seriously.

Paul Dehaan was nice enough to let me join he and Angie Kasper at the Oregon Coast for the
4th of July to go surfing

Paul and Angie "hanging loose".

I was so stoked that I actually remembered to bring my little tripod for my camera so that we could
take pictures of the three of us and our boards. Then I promptly forgot the timing on my camera so
I look like a dork. Meh, at least all of the boards are visible! Paul and Angie both look like
mean surfers here though, so that's cool.

Pictures from Angie's waterproof camera FINALLY!

Great shot from Angie's camera of Paul and I heading out to sea.

Paul and I chilling out in the water.

Me, struggling to get on the board.

This is now my desktop at work. Possibly one of the coolest pictures of me I have. Thanks Angie!

So, while Angie was here, we also took a little hike through Ape Cave just off Mount St Helen's. At this point
someone (I think Angie) snapped a picture of us and I reached over Allison's shoulder so that I would be in the
picture. Apparently, her shoulder moved and I got more than I bargained for. Allison is just in the process
of saying "PAUL!!" as you can tell by her open mouth.

Since Paul Dehaan had already been through this cave before, I sort of trusted his sense of direction. As it turns
out, that wasn't a smart move on my part. He says, "Hey Paul, I think this is the way, do you want to check it
out?" Me, being the sucker, says, "Sure Paul." Yeah, the crawling on your belly was not the way.

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