My good friends, Jon and Des Bowes decided that they no longer wanted to live in Canada.
So, they packed up (and sold) their stuff, and headed off to London, UK. Naturally, I
couldn't very well have them move away without some manner of send off. Since I
couldn't be there in person, I did the next logical thing: I hired a singing clown
to deliver my message of farewell.

If you're ever looking for a singing telegram in the lower mainland, a good place to go is: Mr Bubbles.
This particular gentleman goes by the name of Mr. Bubbles (or Earl Earl to his friends), and agreed to
deliver my message to Des and Jon. It took a bit of arranging to figure out a location
that Mr. Bubbles could show up to, but Jon's co-worker Drew helped me out on that one. Here is
Mr. Bubbles making some balloon animals for the travellers. Incidentally, Mr Bubbles was fantastic
to work with, and I highly recommend him to anyone requiring any sort of clowning services.

Here is Mr. Bubbles with Des and Jon, along with the 4 foot tall balloon animal beaver.
Hey, c'mon, what's a better going away gift from Canada than a 4 foot tall balloon animal beaver?

Jon playing with another of Mr Bubbles' creations.

Des with some balloon art for her to pack in her carryon. I'm not entirely sure what this one is,
but it looks really nice.

Jon and Des with all of their balloon gifts.

Video clips

Video clip of Mr Bubbles singing my message

The song went as follows:

Lemme tell you a story 'bout Des & Jon.
Cancelled their lease, so they had to move along.
Sympathetic friends let them sleep on the floor.
That's when they learned how prairie people snore.

Well Des & Jon, engineering is their game.
This time tomorrow, they'll both be on a plane.
Crossing the Atlantic; Old England calls.
We'll all miss you. Good luck from Paul.
Lyrics by Mr Bubbles and Paul Perrault
I think it was about this point that they realized who to blame for this.

Video clip of Jon and Des after the surprise

All the best in Europe Jon and Des, from all of your friends, both in Canada, and abroad.
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