I took my friend Bergen to try out outdoor climbing in Ontario.

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It turns out that neither one of us could read a map, so we wound up at Mount Nemo, even though that
wasn't where we were trying to get to. This shot is a little dark, but it still allows a nice view
of southwestern Ontario from the top of Mount Nemo.

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We looked around the top of the climbs to try to find a decent way down, rather than rapelling. In the
end, we wound up dropping in through a short gulley. This is Bergen at the bottom of the rock.

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This was the look on Bergen's face when I said, "Um, yeah, you'll have to trust that rope and drop in."
"Huh, pardon me?" said Bergen as he tried to stomach the thought.

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I said, "Smile for the camera! Your mom will love to see this!" Bergen's comment was, "My mom
would kill me if she saw me doing this." Well, buddy, I hope she's not a fan of Google...

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This was about the best shot I wound up taking as Bergen dropped further on rappel. The light was
getting dark and we wound up having to hike out in the dark with headlamps. I'm glad we didn't pull
an Andrew North. Good thing Nemo is only single pitch!

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