Natalia's dad needed some help renovating so I took the opportunity to mix business
with pleasure. I visited my buddy Lane Fitzsimmons as well as getting up to PA to see
my Mom.

Out with Lane

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This was likely the first time in 6 years I had been in Saskatoon twice in a month. I finally
caught up to my buddy Lane Fitzsimmons for a drink or three as he graciously allowed me to invite
myself to his house for a BBQ. Here we are on Broadway.

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Lane and two of his friends.

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Lane and I got up early the next morning to see his lovely girlfriend Wanda cross the finish line of
her first running race ever. I teased Lane that he likely ran faster than anyone at the race as we were
running to the finish line because he feared he might miss seeing her.

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There's the happy couple there.

In Prince Albert

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My parents are having their house painted in Prince Albert. My mom really likes the colour it turned out to
be since the first coat was salmon-pink and she didn't like it. It's a good thing that the final coat doesn't
look pink at all. It's taupe, she says. I made her stand holding pink flowers to prove the point.

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My mom and her taupe house.

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My mom and her mom (my godmother) standing outside her taupe house.

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My mom made really nice muffins and cookies for me while I was there. I don't care how old I get, home
will always be home and I miss it.

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