As it turns out, I think I've slept in my house 8 nights in April, as I've been moving around a lot.
When I got home from Boston, Garrett Downen, Mark Pflug, and I hopped into Gloria, packed her up,
and bombed down to Moab, Utah for possibly the best vacation ever.

We started the trip climbing in Arches and on Wall Street, but I couldn't find my camera, so these are the
first shots I have. This is Mark with the map at Slick Rock Trail at Moab, UT, the best mountain biking trail in the
world in my opinion.

The map of Slick Rock Trail.

Garrett stretching up and getting ready. He hadn't been on a bike in many years, but hopped on the
Slickrock and beat it down.

Mark, pointing the way towards the start of the trail.

Garrett and Mark on the Practice Loop. It's advised to jump on the Practice Loop to assess
the feasibility of actually completing the 12 mile loop. After doing the Practice Loop, Garrett
decided that he couldn't handle the Main Loop, but after Mark and I took off, he wound up following
and he kicked its ass anyway.

I give the Slick Rock Trail the Paul Perrault Stamp of Approval.

Mark Pflug chilling out on trail.

A little more of the Pflug chill out.

Yours truly with my wrecked helmet and cool shades.

Mark hammering up some tough hills. The scenery on this trail is just amazing.
The whole area is right out of a Wile E. Coyote cartoon.

Shot of my bike and I on the trail.

The town of Moab, UT from the top of the Slick Rock Trail.

More Mark with scenery.

We took a little look-around at the Panorama Point.

The trail of the Slick Rock Trail is almost exclusively slick rocks. The trail is marked with paint
on the trail.

Mark riding.

Mark looking out towards the mountains to the South.

Some of the terrain and vegetation on trail.

Mark and I after finishing the trail.

My girlfriend had sent me a mint Aero bar, and I had it in my cycling bag. It's more than a little melted
here, but it tasted AWESOME!

We took a drive to Dead Horse Point, and along the way, stopped and took shots.

Mark taking a pee.

Near the peak of Dead Horse Point.

The cliff edge drops about 1000 feet here, so naturally I took a break here.

Mark showing his grade A material.

The view from Dead Horse Point. The shadows at the end of the day made for some unique shots.

View north to Canyonlands National Park.

Mark Pflug at Dead Horse Point.

Mark, Garrett and I at Dead Horse Point.

If I'm ever a rock star, this will be the front of my CD album cover.

Keri the day before she got married.

Chris Gorman, BM (before marriage). That's quite the unit he's sporting on his shoulder.

The view into one of the side canyons when Mark and I climbed around the Ice Cream Parlor rocks.

Mark chilling out.

To the left of the Ice Cream Parlor rocks was this super sweet crack. This is Mark just
showing off the size of the crack.

This is Space Rock, across the river from the Ice Cream Parlor. This is the chimney that
Mark and I wound up climbing in, along the right side of Mark's hand.

The view up the chimney from the base.

This is me right before I went up the chimney. I was a little concerned about the 5.9+ rating
of this climb, specifically since there wasn't a topo in the guide book.

Me, after putting in a few pieces of pro. I always feel better with a few pieces in.

I'm somewhere in that chimney. You can sort of see me stemming the chimney near the top.

Mark, after finishing my lead. I got more than a little freaked out about 100 feet up, and
wound up coming down. Mark ran up the other side of the rope, found a bolt (that I hadn't seen)
and finished the route.

Me, with 200 feet of air to the deck. No, I don't climb barefoot; I just pulled my shoes off after

Mark and I on the top of Space Rock.

Mark rapping off the top of the Rock.

Chris brought a mask for his wedding, and we brought it out for his stag party.

The crew having Chris Gorman's stag party in Jordan Disko's truck.

I never seem to take a good picture of Otz. This is about the best I've ever gotten.

Owl Rock in Arches National Park. We climbed this the first day we were in the area
and I had left my camera in the car, so we went back to take pictures later.

Mark Pflug climbing on Just Another Pretty Face , a 5.10a Run out. Mark is just clipping the
second bolt here.

Mark balancing on one foot. This slab at Wall Street was a blast to play with.

Chris Gorman bouldering on the day of his wedding.

Mark and I went exploring around the Arches campsites and found this cool box canyon.

The box canyon filtered out to this cool sand area.

Mark looking around the sand meadow near the campsite.

Video clip of Mark trying to run up a rock VIDEO

Mark Pflug with the sky and rocks surrounding him.

Cool rocks everywhere you look. This area just completely floored me.

Mark was seriously as giddy as a school girl running around on this rock.

Skyline Arch, where Chris and Keri were to be wedded later on this night.

Mark and Garrett with the La Sal mountains in the distance.

Yup, here's me. Surprise, surprise, Arches National Park gets the Paul Perrault stamp of approval.

Garrett chimneying and shimmying.

I thought that this rock looked like teeth, so I had Mark point to his for emphasis.

A shot of one of the arches in Arches N.P. Photo credit to Garrett Downen.

Photo Credit to Garrett Downen.

Chris Otz and Ross Segelken Down in a Hole. Photo Credit to Garrett Downen.

The Gorman's Wedding

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